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Antero Reservoir
Antero Reservoir is a shallow yet expansive lake with a fast growth rate for its various trout inhabitants.
Eleven Mile Reservoir
Elevenmile has a reputation for producing some of the largest fish in the state.
Spinney Mountain Reservoir
Fishing! When it's good at Spinney Mountain State Park, you'll have to look hard to find any better. Open from ice-off to ice-on (approx.. May 1st to Nov. 15th).
Tarryall Reservoir
Fishing is steadily improving after Tarryall was refilled in 2005. The lake remains managed by the Division of Wildlife with excellent boat ramps and camping on the lake.
Jefferson Lake
Jefferson Lake in Pike National Forest is known for good numbers of Lake Trout (Mackinaw) and rainbow trout, with a small population of browns, cuts and brookies.
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