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Estes Lake
Located in Estes Park, CO, Lake Estes provides a great backdrop for a day of fishing in the Rocky Mountains.
Marys Lake
Located just south of Estes Park this small put and take fishery offers visitors easy access to the water making the area ideal for a quick family outing.
Bear Lake - RMNP
Bear Lake is closed to fishing. Lake page is inactive.
Lake Haiyaha - RMNP
Lake Haiyaha is one of only two lakes in the Park that have Yellowstone cutthroat.
Sprague Lake - RMNP
A short, "flat" distance from the trail-head and with a handicap accessible dock and trail surrounding the lake, this is a great place to take the family. It is relatively heavily used.
Dream Lake - RMNP
Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park offers the angler an opportunity to catch and release the Greenback Cutthroat Trout.
Lily Lake - RMNP
Gorgeous views of Mount Meeker and Longs Peak are the backdrops to Lily Lake, especially at sunrise or sunset.
Mills Lake - RMNP
The beautiful Mills Lake offers fun fishing for cruising rainbow trout.
Jewel Lake - RMNP
Smaller and shallower than nearby Mills Lake, Jewel Lake still offers up some fun fishing for rainbows and maybe brookies in the drainages.
Black Lake - RMNP
Black Lake has the classic shelf and deep drop off of highly productive fishing lakes. Cruising brook trout search for a variety of floating insects, and will readily take a small Woolly bugger or streamer as well.
The Loch (Vale) - RMNP
On of the most fun lakes to fish in the Park, educated green back cutthroat in The Loch rise to insects right at your feet, undisturbed by your presence. Getting them to take an artificial fly is another story.
Glass Lake - RMNP
Glass Lake is a steep climb that gives anglers the chance at brookies and greenbacks on the way up to Sky Pond.
Sky Pond - RMNP
Sky Pond has some of the Park's largest brook trout. Don't forget to fish the lake's outlet rocks.
Emerald Lake - RMNP
Hardly a lake can be more splendid than Emerald Lake, and it's got greenbacks to boot.
Peacock Pool - RMNP
Peacock Pool is majestically guarded by Longs Peak and contains brook trout.
Spruce Lake - RMNP
Spruce Lake is a little gem of a lake which fishes consistently for greenback cutthroat.
Loomis Lake - RMNP
Accessing Loomis Lake is only for the fit and experienced, but the reward is less-pressured and larger fish than Spruce.
Fern Lake - RMNP
Fern Lake is a popular day hike destination, so the Greenbacks are well seasoned on this lake and won't just rise to any fly.
Odessa Lake - RMNP
Odessa sits in beautiful surroundings with The Gable and Little Matterhorn as backdrops. It has greenback cutthroats.
Arrowhead Lake - RMNP
For the seasoned back-country adventure-seeker, Arrowhead Lake yield rewards unparalleled in the Park and greenback cutthroats.
Rock Lake & Little Rock Lake - RMNP
The brook trout in these lakes feed like the greenbacks in Arrowhead Lake - they aren''t too selective.
Lake Solitude - RMNP
Following North Inlet Creek off trail to Lake Solitude will take a fly fisher hours to reach the lake simpler due to the good fishing in the creek along the way.
Fifth Lake - RMNP
The diminutive size of the stream from Fifth Lake may fool you, but don't skip this water until you carefully peruse the deepest holding area for Colorado cutthroat.
Mirror Lake - RMNP
Mirror Lake is surprisingly large and deep and brook trout thrive in the cold alpine water.
Lawn Lake - RMNP
The lake is always a consistent fishery offering the classic crusing fish scenario along the entire shoreline.
Crystal Lake - RMNP
This lake harbors large greenback cutthroat, but numbers are thin compared to other lakes.
Ypsilon Lake - RMNP
Ypsilon Lake is an on/off proposition. Don't be disappointed if you arrive at the lake to see no fish cruising.
Fay Lake, Lower - RMNP
The area contains small fish, difficult navigation due to blow-down and muddy/swampy terrain.
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