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Devil's Thumb Lake - IPWA
Diamond Lake - IPWA
In the prime of summer cruising cutthroat roam throughout the expansive flats present on much of the lake.
Upper Diamond Lake - IPWA
Upper Diamond Lake is approximately a half mile from Diamond Lake.
Banana Lake - IPWA
Jasper Lake - IPWA
Skyscraper Reservoir - IPWA
Storm Lake - IPWA
Storm Lake is a steep no-trail haul from Jasper Lake
Woodland Lake - IPWA
Deep Lake - IPWA
Access to Deep Lake is off-trail and difficult.
Columbine Lake - IPWA
Columbine Lake sites at the bottom of a beautiful wide open bowl with the saddle of Caribou Pass.
Caribou Lake - IPWA
Caribou Lake is surrounded by spacious unaltered beauty.
Lake Dorothy - IPWA
Lake Dorothy is the highest lake in IPWA.
Neva Lakes - IPWA
This is lake is a tough hike and a tough fish.