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Jerry Creek Reservoirs
This pair of "hidden" reservoirs offer excellent catch and release warm water fishing for the walk-in angler, a rare comodity for western Colorado.
Atkinson Reservoir
87-acre trout lake located in Grand Mesa National Forest
Big Creek Reservoir #1 [Grand Mesa]
coming soon
Bonham Reservoir
Bonham Reservoir is a well-known reference point on the Grand Mesa. At the junction of Forest Roads 121 and 257, traveling south, past Bonham Reservoir on Forest Road 121 takes you, over the divide of the Grand Mesa, to numerous lakes on the Mesa’s southern benches. This divide, separates Grand Mesa’s north-flowing and south-flowing drainages
Neversweat Reservoir
Silver Lake (Grand Mesa)
Silver Lake is a small lake known for its large cutthroat trout. This lake is located in a beautiful setting on the Grand Mesa.
Forty Acre Lake
Forty Acre Lake, while not actually 40 acres in size, provides fishing opportunities for cutthroat and some potentially larger brook trout on the Grand Mesa.
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