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Copeland Lake - RMNP
Copeland Lake is one the few drive-by lakes in the Park and offers anglers a chance at brook and rainbow trout.
Sandbeach Lake - RMNP
Sandbeach Lake is a perfect day hike and has always been one of the Park's classic greenback fisheries.
Box Lake & Drainage - RMNP
A rather rigorous off-trail trek brings you to Box Lake, a small lake over-loaded with brook trout
Thunder Lake - RMNP
The trail's namesake is one of the finest greenback cutthroat fisheries in the Park. And it's one of the most scenic too.
Pear Lake & Creek - RMNP
Pear Lake is a good Greenback fishery before the sun rises and after the sun is blocked by Mount Copeland. Pear Creek is like any other creek in the Park.
Hutcheson Lakes - RMNP
The Hutcheson Lakes offer anglers good opportunities for eager greenback cutthroats and even a chance to glimpse some bighorn sheep.
Ouzel Lake - RMNP
One of the four lakes in the Park which contains brookies and greenback cutthroat, Ouzel Lake is the most prolific with sizable populations of both.
Gibraltar Lakes - IPWA
In Indian Peaks Wilderness. The hefty off-trail hike to the Gibraltar Lakes will keep some away, but for those wanting adventure, the effort is rewarded.
Lake Envy - IPWA
In Indian Peaks Wilderness, with stunning views, occasionally stocked
Red Deer Lake - IPWA
This food-rich lake in Indian Peaks Wilderness is plentiful with brook trout and the occasional cutthroat.
Coney Lakes - IPWA
In Indian Peaks Wilderness and Roosevelt National Forest. Both beautiful cutthroat and vistas are available at these lakes if you're willing to make the hike.
Pony Lake - IPWA
A great spot to meet other alpine lovers and for little ones to try out fly fishing in IPWA at the edge of Roosevelt National Forest.
Mitchell Lakes - IPWA
Mitchell Lake in Indian Peaks Wilderness is a relatively shallow meadow lake mostly inhabited by brook trout, but also has some cutthroats.
Blue Lakes - IPWA
Located in Indian Peaks Wilderness in the Roosevelt National Forest. These high mountain lakes don't ice out till July, but when they do, you'll have some fun with some cutties.
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