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Sanchez Reservoir
Sanchez Reservoir represents the only significant place to catch trophy Walleye and Northern Pike in the San Luis Valley. Pike as large as 20 pounds or more have been caught and one can be viewed at the Conoco gas stop in San Luis. Some have said that there are likely State-record Northern Pike in this lake.
Mountain Home Reservoir
Mountain Home Reservoir State Wildlife Area located near Fort Garland has a 250 acre resevoir open to fishing year-round. The lake offers outstaning cold water fishing that is ideal for family outings.
San Luis Lake (SWA)
Drained a few years ago, San Luis Lake is hoping for a comeback with managed trout stocking and good, healthy water.
Smith Reservoir (Costilla Cty)
This is an excellent trout fishery with an ability to grow large trout quickly. Catchable stocked trout reach 16 to 20 inches in about three years. Unfortunately it is drained regularly for maintenece, limiting the fish potential.
Blanca Wetlands Ponds
Several ponds with special regulations and seasons in the Blanca Wetlands Recreation Area
Blanca Vista Park Pond
Youth-only fishing pond
Operation Game Thief
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