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Colorado Fishing Clubs: Colorado Bowfishing Association

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Colorado Bowfishing Association

The Colorado Bowfishing Association (COBF) is the only organization in the state of Colorado that is specifically dedicated to protecting and fostering the challenging sport of bowfishing.
From hosting tournaments and events, to working with the Division of Wildlife and other organizations, to introducing newcomers and the public to our sport COBF is dedicated to supporting bowfishing in an ethical, professional and coordinated manner.

The COBF's mission:
-To preserve the sport of bowfishing for current and future generations in Colorado.
-To increase awareness and educate the public about the sport of bowfishing.
-To promote the safe and ethical take of legal fish species with a bow.
-To maintain and increase opportunities for bowfishing in Colorado.
-To cooperate with federal and state wildlife agencies, Colorado Division of Wildlife, conservation organizations and sportsmen's associations in managing fisheries in Colorado as well any others who have goals parallel to the COBF with regards to bowfishing, fishing, hunting and outdoor sportsmanship.
-To develop the spirit of good fellowship among all bowfishermen and bowfisherwomen.
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