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Colorado Fishing Clubs: Colorado Fishing Federation

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Colorado Fishing Federation

Contact: Colorado Fishing Federation
Phone: (719)-635-4435 or (719)-579-0196
The Colorado Fishing Federation formed in early spring of 1995 with the goal of providing angler's a voice in the many issues facing our resources. CFF's founder and president, Greg Austin, realized while attending public meetings with the Colorado Division of Wildlife that the everyday angler was not represented in the issues concerning our resources. Decisions are made daily concerning these resources that do not always have the best interest of the resource or the public in mind. It was clear to Greg Austin that it was time for angler's to speak up or lose our rights.

Although we are a young organization we represent the future of fishing in Colorado. We are not a species specific organization, nor do we stand up for one fishing method over another. First and foremost we support all Colorado angler's in their rights to benefit and enjoy our resources in the manner they choose. Whether you only fish occasionally or you are a seasoned fly fisherman Colorado Fishing Federation is for you.
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