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EVENT:Ice Addiction 2020/ Grand Lake
DATE:2/22/2020 5:00 am
Grand Lake
1101 Lake Ave., Grand Lake, CO 80447
Gene Stover Park (beach area, boat launch)
Parking will be on streets and lots adjacent to the tournament site. We have
plenty of parking but as always we promote car pooling as much as possible.
All contestants must stop pre-fi shing in the designated course by 7pm on
February 21, 2020.
The day of the event the designated parking lot will open at 4am.
Registration/Check-In time will depend on the Group letter assigned on your
ticket when purchased. You will only be able to check in and register during the
designated time for your group, or later. Check in times are as follows. The group
letter is listed on your ticket:
Group A: 5:00-5:15 AM
Group B: 5:15-5:30 AM
Group C: 5:30-5:45 AM
Group D: 5:45-6:00 AM
All anglers must check in before going on the fi shing course. Once anglers are
Registered/Checked-In they can go on the course to select their pre drilled hole.
Holes are fi rst come fi rst serve. Each angler can select and place equipment by
their own hole but cannot save or reserve holes for others. The Tournament starts
at 8am and ends at 12pm. Anglers are not allowed to drop their lines in the water
until the 8am start. Anglers can use electronic depth fi nders or cameras to check
depth before the event starts. All fi sh must be hooked, landed and on the ice by
the 12PM buzzer to be a qualifi ed fi sh for the event.
Registration closes at 7pm on February 21st. Tickets will be available for walk-up
purchase starting at 6:30am on February 22nd for $55.
The offi cial weigh-in scale will be located just outside of the Mr. Heater Warming
Tent located on the edge of the fi shing course. All fi sh must be weighed live and
weighed immediately after they are caught. Each angler can weigh their legal
limit of each species. All fi sh weighed must be legal catches and must meet size
requirements put forth by Colorado State Parks and Wildlife. All fi sh including
rough fi sh can be legally weighed.
Each licensed angler can weigh their legal limit of 4 Rainbows of any size. Each
licensed angler can weigh up to 4 Lake Trout and of the 4 only 1 can be longer
than 36". All Lake Trout between 26" and 36" must be released immediately and
can not be weighed.
Each licensed angler can weigh 10 Kokanee.
720.775.7770 •
Each angler is restricted to the use of 1 hole and 1 line at a time. Anglers can
bring as many rod/reel’s as they like and can move around to open holes as much
as they like but are restricted to the use of 1 hole and 1 line at a time.
Each angler can use legal methods of take and legal bait for that body of water.
Bow Fishing, Spear Fishing, and snagging are illegal during the event. All fi sh
must be caught from the gill plate forward.
Ice Shelters or covers are not allowed during the event. Anglers must fi sh in the
Ice Addiction staff will pre-drill all the holes and anglers are required to fi sh in
these pre- drilled holes. There will be minimum 20% extra holes so angler

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