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EVENT:Colorado Classic 2019 Ice Fishing Tournament
DETAILS:1. A team consists of two people of which one member must be at least 18 years old.
Teams must fish at least 30 feet from any other participating team and may not fish
with anyone not registered in the contest.
2. All teams must check in at the 11 Mile Marina Store, North Shore at Eleven
Mile State Park. Check in begins at 4:00 AM for Grand Slam and Traveling Trophy,
5:00 AM for March Madness. All vehicles, coolers and related equipment may be
inspected by tournament officials. Teams may set up after check in but may not drill
any holes until 7:00 AM. Honor system in effect. Late Registration ends at 8:00
AM day of contest.
3. All teams will be issued a contest ID card. All contests end at 2:30 PM. Teams
must return to the weigh station no later than 2:30 PM. Any team returning late will
be penalized at a rate of one pound per minute and disqualified after 15 minutes.
There will be no ties. Tournament officials will institute tie breaking rules in the
event of a tie.
4. All fish must be caught in a legal and sporting manner, on rod and reel or tip up.
Intentional snagging of fish will result in disqualification. Use of live legal bait is
allowed. Use or possession of live minnows is prohibited. All Colorado fishing rules
and regulations apply. Please consult your CPW rules and regulations brochure. All
species caught for weigh-in may not be released.
5. Entry into the contest does not pay for entry into the Park. All vehicles must have
a valid State Park pass.
6. Any taxes, fees and licenses etc., are the responsibility of the contestants and winners.
Winning contestants are required to provide their SS# upon request.
7. NO REFUNDS of entry fee for any reason. Contests are held REGARDLESS OF
8. At no time during the tournament hours are any alcoholic beverages or drugs other
than legally prescribed drugs allowed to be consumed.
9. If there is a question regarding the manner of harvest of any fish, contestants may
be subjected to a polygraph test.
10. Names and likenesses of contest winner (s) may be used by Sponsor and Sponsorís
designee (s) for promotional purposes without further compensation to winner (s).
11. Officials will be on the ice for inspection and observation during tournament
hours. Each team is required to cooperate with all requests of tournament officials.
12. Each contest may have specific rules and regulations pertaining to that event.
Such rules will be made available to each team on the day of the event and are herby
made a part of these rules and regulations.
13. By signing the application all contestants agree to the following release of liability.
We in consideration of being permitted to participate in the Colorado
Classic do for ourselves, our heirs, executors, and assigns, hereby release and forever
hold harmless and discharge 11 Mile Sports, Inc. dba 11 Mile Marina, State of
Colorado, , Denver Water Department, its employees and any and all
sponsoring companies, entities, and individuals, administrators and assigns from any
and every claim demand by reason of any bodily injury or personal injuries, known
or unknown, death or property damage resulting or to result
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