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EVENT:Tightline Outdoors’ Ice Addiction Tournament 2019
DETAILS:All contestants must stop pre-fishing in the designated course by 7pm
on January 18, 2019.
Registration/Check-In time will depend on the Group letter assigned on
your ticket when purchased. You will only be able to check in and register
during the designated time for your group, or later. Check in times are as
follows. The group letter is listed on your ticket:
Group A: 5:00-5:15 AM
Group B: 5:15-5:30 AM
Group C: 5:30-5:45 AM
Group D: 5:45-6:00 AM
All anglers must check in before going on the fishing course. Once anglers
are Registered/Checked-In they can go on the course to select their pre
drilled hole. Holes are first come first serve. Each angler can select and
place equipment by their own hole but cannot save or reserve holes for
others. The Tournament starts at 8am and ends at 12pm. Anglers are not
allowed to drop their lines in the water until the 8am start. Anglers can
use electronic depth finders or cameras to check depth before the event
starts. All fish must be hooked, landed and on the ice by the 12PM
buzzer to be a qualified fish for the event.
Registration closes
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