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EVENT:BASSMasters Club Tournament - Trinidad
DETAILS:Trinidad, CO

A Club membership and a B.A.S.S. membership (not included with club membership) is required prior to entry in any tournament. Membership dues are $70 ($23 goes to Denver Bassmasters, $30 goes to National Federation and $17 goes to the Colorado Bass Federation). All other info shown below is provided as general standards and may be subject to change.

Tournaments are a draw format. Each boater's and non-boater's name is put in separate hats and drawn as "partners". If a non-boater is drawn out for a tournament, they are given priority for the next tournament. It is not a team format, your individual weight counts at the end of the day. On two-day events, you will change partners the second day. During tournament day, the non-boater is given the opportunity to operate the front of the boat during one half of the day (Boater chooses which half of the day they want control). However, any damage caused by the non-boater is the responsibility of the non-boater. Travel costs are split between partners. This includes truck gas, boat gas, lodging (if required), park fees, etc. and is generally discussed prior to leaving. All travel expenses are split with your first day partner. The goal is to have fun and learn something while competing against fellow anglers!

Entry Fee: $40 ($5 goes to the big bass pot) Payback: Top 3 minimum

$5 will also be added to the Megabucks Championship pot at the end of the year. Entry into the championship requires participation in three tournaments. There are no placement requirements (i.e. top 10). Anyone who fishes three tournaments can fish the Megabucks tournament at the end of the year.

Jeremiah Hofstetter - Tournament Director
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