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EVENT:33rd Annual No Name Fishing Tournament
DATE:5/20/2017 7:00 am
DETAILS:Saturday, May 20: 5/20/2017 : 7:00 AM - 5/21/2017 : 2:30 PM

Three species of fish will qualify for this tournament. They are trout (any sub-species), Northern Pike and Salmon. First place will be for the largest trout (lbs), 2nd place for the largest pike (lbs.), and 3rd place for the largest salmon (lbs.). Fourth place on down to 17th place will be for the next largest fish of any of the three species (lbs.).

Audience: All Ages


Eleven Mile State Park North Boat Ramp

Eleven Mile State Park North Boat Ramp 4229 C.R. #92 Lake George, CO, 80827

Eleven Mile

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Registration required,Fee required

󈑗 Mile General Store, Jim Collins, (719)748-6745, ​
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