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Bernie Keefe
"bernie" - Guest Blogger

Making a wake in a no wake zone

Guest Blog by: Bernie Keefe 4/5/2007
Well I think today might be about my last week or two of ice fishing for the year. A couple friends and I went out today. We had a pretty good day of catching but the best part was that we did not need to drill a single hole. All we did was walk over different structure and kick open old holes, fish them for a short while and walk to the next one. Some of the holes we kicked open had not been fished in weeks. When we fished an entire piece of structure we would hop on the machines and move to the next one. We decided to quit about 2pm and when we got about 200 feet from the bank the machines settled down in the slush a bit. Dropping the throttle to FULL we swayed and swerved in the water till we hit the bank. I guess I had a pretty good roostertail behind my sled. There is not much open water yet so I guess there is nobody to worry about where we make our wakes yet. Yea I think it might be within a week or 2 when I have to put away might short rod. Bernie
Bernie Keefe guides for lake trout, kokanee, rainbow trout and brown trout in the Lake Granby Area and is an expert in both fishing and teaching techniques for catching big lake trout in regional waters. Bernie is sponsored by Colorado Boat Center, Crestliner Boats, Mercury Motors, The Ice Team, Eagle Claw, Berkley Fishing,Minn Kota Motors, Lowrance Electronics, Habervision eyewear, Strikemaster, Lindy fishing tackle, Rapala, A&A Toppers.
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Blog Comments
NeWcS, 4/10/2007 5:13:19 PM
Next time you're out could you please kick a hole from sunset to A-Bay. Thanks! -Jay
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