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Will Rice
"Will Rice" - Guest Blogger

Fish With Will #22: And Then The Wheels Came Off the Short Bus...

Guest Blog by: Will Rice 8/9/2010
Fish With Will #22: And Then The Wheels Came Off the Short Bus... 

It's been a long week of scouting and chasing fish in high water.  

The nuts and bolts: I invited eight buddies who can fish to my home water.  We had a pink bus, a cooler full of ice, and a vague plan to catch carp in the urban section of the South Platte River.  The river and still water conditions were ridiculously tough due to these massive rain events that have been occuring for the past week.  The flows went from less than 100 CFS to over 1000+ in six days.  Ouch.    

Species hooked: Cyprinus Carpio, smallmouth bass, walleye.

Highlight of the day: no one ended up in jail.  

I'm going to keep this one short - less is more I figure.  Mug shots and other photos below (and if you are wondering... yes... that is a 12' foot, two handed spey rod connected to a fish that ate a fly).  
- Will

PS: Any FXRs going to the 2010 Carp Slam?
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Blog Comments
Fishful Thinker, 8/11/2010 8:19:41 AM
I'm not sure what to say about nine fly doods travelling around in a baby pink short bus chasing bottom feeders...CL
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