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The legendary Loveland Fishing Club is looking for a few more anglers

Blog by: Bill Prater 3/14/2024
If you’re of a certain age - retirement age that is - and wondering what to do with all that free time, I have a great alternative to mowing grass and knitting: You may guess what I mean: Join the Loveland Fishing Club, get acquainted with some like-minded anglers, and go fishing. If you have a friend or relative who should also be out fishing, please forward this to them and encourage them to come to one of our meetings.

Not counting the eventual arrival of spring, you couldn’t find a better time than now to either get out your dusty old fishing gear or buy some new stuff. And just join the club for breakfast on Fridays in Loveland or Fort Collins and talk about what we’ll catch when it gets a bit warmer. Whether you’ve fished all your life or not sure what to use for bait, you can likely find other folks with shared interest.

We’re coming up on the 4th anniversary of a time we’d all like to forget, when Covid-19 forced social groups like a fishing club into dormancy. The stuff’s still around, but we’ve learned to live with it, as well as the flu, pneumonia and RSV. We’re back hanging out together, maybe not hugging each other as much, but enjoying one another’s company. 
Interested? Here’s a link to the Loveland Fishing Club blog, or e-mail me at

From an initial dozen or so charter members, the club grew to about a hundred men and women by 2020. Those numbers shrank by half during Covid, but they’re growing again. We’re actively recruiting new members, especially ones who like to volunteer for things like taking kids and old folks fishing. 

You’ve hopefully heard of the Loveland Kids Fishing Derby, one of the biggest free fishing events in Colorado  for kids 15 and under. And we’re also pretty sure that the Loveland Fishing Club Senior Derby, focused on providing a day of fishing and outdoor fun for residents of assisted living centers, is the only one of its type in the country. It’s open to all seniors, but our special guests are residents of a dozen or more retirement centers in Loveland and surrounding towns. Whether they can walk to the water on their own or get there with a walker or wheelchair, we help them fish and join them in a picnic.   

You don’t have to be an old timer to wear our coveted fishing caps. But you should know that most of our fishing and other activities take place during the week, including the general meetings at Chilson Center, at 2 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month.  

The idea for the Loveland Fishing Club hatched in the fertile mind of  our first President, Tom Miller, who belatedly completed a second term in 2023. Tom brought the idea for a senior fishing club with him from Southern California, where he had been a senior manager of the California parks system until retirement a long, long time ago..

The intent was simple: get together once or twice a week and fish, with little regard for competition, a particular species or fishing style. Along the way, we’d share angling knowledge, carpooling expenses and medical advice. 

We’re always looking for and encouraging newbies to serve on our board and in other volunteer positions. Come join us.
Blog content © Bill Prater
Blog Comments
GingerLife, 3/25/2024 11:45:09 AM
We have to be of a certain age to join this group?
bamjbam, 4/4/2024 4:06:34 AM
I am interested. Only 50, but currently not doing much due to health issues. Fishing is
ColoradoRay, 4/4/2024 4:19:51 PM
Click on the link in the article and it will take you to an information page that answers your questions.
Bill Prater (fishthumpre), 4/6/2024 9:47:33 AM
We don't have a specific age for the club, but it is affiliated with Chilson Senior Center in Loveland I for one joined before retirement, and we have a few younger members, but you should know our activities, outside of fishing with kids on weekends, take place during the week. Bamjbam, you'd be a good fit.
1blueflamer, 4/27/2024 3:29:34 PM
This sounds great! Especially what the volunteers are doing with kids and seniors! In my dreams, I would pick up seniors and disabled veterans or down syndrome folks wanting to fish a different lake M-F with a dependable 15 passenger van at a certain place early every morning like the casino buses do and my wife and I would bring along a shore lunch for everyone and help everyone fish all day and bring them home. This would be me and my wifes' retirement job! It sounds so wonderful. But...there's always a this day and age I don't think we could ever figure out all the rules and regulations we'd have to meet to be compliant and insured to make this dream come true. If anyone has ideas how to do it legally please let me know! Bottom line is, what makes this fishing club so important, is that thru the brilliance and time of so many members you are able to accomplish great things! When I retire I will definitely be knocking at your door for help to go fishing or as a volunteer!
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