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WG Fishing Trip and Lodging Prize Partners

Blog by: Matt Snider 12/2/2023
Part of Series: Winter Giveaway
Among all the prizes you can select in the 2023 FishExplorer Winter Giveaway, the most in-demand are the ones that involve trips.  Whether that be lodging or fishing or both, we have a great selection for you to win. You get to choose one of these each time you enter. 

I would like to thank our trip/lodging partners:

Lake John Resort
LJR up in Walden, CO has been involved with our Winter Giveaway for several years and is one of the most popular prizes each time. It involves a stay in one of their cabins right on Lake John and in close proximity to the Delaney Buttes, all with tremendous trout fishing.  The folks that run the resort are good people, posting conditions updates on many bodies of water up that way, and the fishing is out of this world. If you win this, you might consider hiring NPA or NoCo Fishing outfitters below to guide you! Visit the LJR website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Table Mountain Inn
One of our FishExplorer members got in touch with me a couple of years ago wanting to feature his hotel in Golden, CO. I am so glad he did. Table Mountain Inn, another hugely popular choice in the WG is back again - what an awesome looking place in the heart of a gorgeous town.  I can't wait to go have a marg in their Cantina, and the food looks delicious.  Win this and treat yourself to a 2-night getaway!  View the accommodations and dining at their website, on Facebook or on Instagram

North Park Anglers
We've known these guys for years and they're salt of the earth.  Situated in the town of Walden, NPA has access to not only the waters you know and love, but a lot of private water, and the fishing they provide is world class.  Next time you're up that way - and you should head soon - stop in their full-service fly/tackle shop and say hello.  NPA has offered several trips in our Winter Giveaway over the years, and I am truly grateful for their support. Visit their website here, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Northern Colorado Fishing Outfitters
Jed of NoCo Fishing Outfitters is constantly posting photos of great fish he and his clients are catching up north in Colorado. This is Jed's second year offering this to FishExplorer members and I am so appreciative. Not only will you be excited if you win, but you can take a friend or two with you fishing Boyd Lake or the Cache La Poudre River. If you fish these waters and have any trouble with them, this is your chance to learn a lot - I've seen plenty of examples of his expertise.  Visit his website and follow him on Facebook and Instagram

If you've hung around FishExplorer long enough you know that Russ (SGM) is an expert at fishing Pueblo Reservoir for walleye.  If 'eyes are your thing, you want to learn from a diehard, and you want a trip you'll never forget, try to win this. You can't hire him, as he's not a professional guide, so now might be your one and only chance to get on the boat with him.  Thank you Russ for offering this for several years now!   Read his bio here.

Neyet Stalker
Back in the mix this year is James (Neyet Stalker) who you may recognize by his nightime photos of HUGE walleye form the greater Denver area. James is an expert at finding these big fish in the dark and will show you how he does it.  On top of getting a once-in-a-llifetime lesson he's throwing in a bunch of lures too!  Thanks for joining us again this year Neyet!  You can read one of his articles here

Matt (me)
I have been offering this trip for a while for all those oddballs out there like myself who enjoy going out on a boat to cast fly rods for fish normally reserved for bait and tackle.  Maybe not the easiest thing in the world but very rewarding and I appreciate showing you the ropes.  Just get that fly casting down pat this spring and let's go catch some carp, bass or whatever!  I am not on IG much, but you can find my personal IG account here. Maybe I'll get back on that.  Bio here.

Those are our fishing trips and lodging prizes for the 2023 WG!  Enter here.

Shameless Plug #1: 
In this day we're all used to prices going up everywhere for everything. Since we began we have never raised the price of an FxR+ subscription. Please take the opportunity to cash in on that fact, get all FishExplorer has to offer, and support us in the best way possible via a subscription to FishExplorer FxR+.  Thank you!

Good luck!

Tip of the day:
When we pick winners, we go in order of the prize with most demand to the least. So if you really want one prize and you know it's in high demand, you won't be missing out by picking others with additional entries.  We will pick the winner of the high demand prize first - so if you win it, you'll win it.  But if not, we move on to the next one, and if you've got some entries for it, you may be picked for that one.  Spread 'em out!
Photo: NPA
Blog content © Matt Snider

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