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Nathaniel Kolhoff
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New Waters Added

Blog by: Nathaniel Kolhoff 3/28/2023

Good day, FXR members! First of all, I want to take this opportunity to once again thank you for all your reports, photos, and helpful info on both the free forum and the subscriber forum. FishExplorer is much more robust with your support. 

You may have noticed that several different waters (both lakes and rivers) have been added since last year. Many of these waters don’t have any conditions reports, status changes, water temp readings and so on. We want to encourage all of you to get out and try some new waters this year, and please if you can get some updates on these waters. 

On a lot of these lakes you may notice that there is limited info. With that in mind, if you do happen to venture out to these waters and notice something that would be helpful, like parking fees, road status, etc. please pass that along to us via this . This is particularly true with fish species on some of these lakes. We do have stocking info to go off of, but hands-on reports are always going to be more helpful. I had this happen with Rosemont Reservoir. Brook trout were never stocked there and yet they are in that lake in abundance. 

Some of the new waters include the West Fork of Clear Creek, the Upper Blue River, Nichols Reservoir, Grizzly Reservoir, among others. We have more lakes and rivers in the works, so keep checking back to see when these have been added. There are plenty more creeks and rivers that we have yet to add to the site. 

If you have any requests on lakes or rivers that you would like us to look into adding, please feel free to reach out to us via the same above “contact us” link. We are always looking for ways to make this site and this community even better. 

Along the lines of conditions reports and status changes with the lakes, we do again want to emphasize how valuable these conditions reports are for our members. Please, if you visit any body of water that’s listed on our site, go ahead and submit a conditions report. Any bit of info that you think is helpful, submit it. Ambient and water temp, bug sighting, bait fish sightings, road and trail conditions, ANYTHING that’s helpful. Even the number of people out on the water. 

For reference on the import of conditions reports, see this recent post from Mac Attack-

Here’s another good blog about what a conditions report entails: 

For a lot of you this is old info. But since we do have new members all the time, it bears repeating. 

“Fishing” reports are helpful but only to a limited degree. Conditions reports can help everyone, regardless of the type of fishing you plan on doing, whether that be fly, spin or otherwise. 

Hope to see you all out on the water, and tight lines! 

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