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FishExplorer March 23 Newsletter Update

Blog by: Matt Snider 3/24/2023
I wanted to post the email newsletter we are sending out today for the March 23 edition in case you're not seeing it in your inbox.  The newsletter is a quick monthly rundown on some of the fishing things going on each month, including featured photos and recent lake/river updates (plus even maybe a special discount subscription code!)

If you do not receive the FishExplorer email newsletter and want to, you are possibly opted out. You can opt back in via the My Account page. If you are opted in and still not receiving it, you may need to whitelist in your email platform. Check spam folders, etc. It is definitely going out, I swear!

March 2023 FishExplorer Newsletter:
It is that time of year again - another major transition period for anglers.  Springtime brings so many diverse opportunities for wetting a line.  We still have hard caps for ice fishers up in the high country, lower elevation lakes are opening up to boating, and between those are lakes with ice edges melting making for a fun game of "chase the ice out." 

It is a terrific time to get out on the river if you can withstand some frigid temperatures - both above and below water. Layer up and enjoy early-season midge hatches and pre-runoff flows.  It is also primetime to hop around local ponds & small lakes in search of rapidly warming shallow water holding eager bluegill, sunfish, bass, etc.  Perhaps even on topwater flies.

I know it can be hard to remember to send in a conditions report when you get back from a fishing trip or a drive around town.  It happens to me too.  Please join me the next few weeks pumping in as many reports as possible to keep track of the changing ice conditions, water temps, lake openings, etc. around the state - on I'm planning to go on a few drives around town just to check out some fishing spots and maybe take a couple detours on road trips to check out others up in the hills.

When you're not fishing, visit and check out the discussion on the Williams Fork and Dillon Res CPW Biologist reports from Jon Ewert - interesting stuff!  Also dig around on your favorite species, lake, and river pages updated last month with all the 2022 CPW stocking and Master Angler Records. 

Colorado Fishing License
Oh, and don't forget!  This season's fishing licenses expire at the end of this month!  Get yours today so you don't miss a beat - you can do so online or at a physical location such as a CPW office or retailer. Annual licenses go on sale March 1. Licenses are valid March 1 through March 31 (13 months).  Add the license to your myColorado app while you're at it! (here's how...)

As always, at the bottom of this email is a special email discount code for an FxR+ subscription. Check it out and support us if you can!

Be safe, stay warm, and enjoy this most wonderful time of year on the water!

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