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Blog by: Cisco Archuleta 1/9/2023
It's time to thank all of the members who have posted, responded or given Fins Up to other users on the site throughout the past year. For the past few years we've been taking the opportunity to highlight those individuals that are ultimately doing the most on the site as far as posting good material. This year we are also going to be rewarding those who got the most Fins Up on pictures, lake reports, and river reports. For the top three non-regional editors you will each receive a $25 gift card to Cabela's or Amazon your choice. To the top person in the other three fields you will receive some swag from Matt.

Here is the list of overall fins up's:

1. anglerwannabe
2. Barnacles
3. Hawaiian Punch
4. Team CO.F.F
5. Troutbisquits
6. GoNe_FiShIn_11
7. bharper
8. Goosehunter82
9. ND Transplant
10. bennyb SST

Great work guys keep up the posts, pictures, and everything else that you do to make the site what it is. Jim (angler wannabe) continues to lead the pack from year to year. Thank you for all of the great info that you share each year. Barnacles, HP, and team coff reach out to me so we can get you squared away. Like I said earlier new for this year are the top photographs, lake updates, and river updates. These individuals are:

Top pictures 

Top lake updates 

Top river updates 
old troll

Please reach out to Matt to claim your prize. 

Remember these members weren't necessarily top number of reports or the most pictures posted but fellow users felt that these were the most quality reports and pictures.

The more you post the better your chances are to win one of these prizes for 2023. Thanks you to everyone who continues to post and support the site. 
Blog content © Cisco Archuleta
Blog Comments
Barnacles, 1/9/2023 10:52:11 AM
Thanks for doing this. My wife said this is the award for being obsessed with fishing. Looks like I found my people. Thanks to all that make this fun & helpful.
anglerwannabe, 1/9/2023 1:59:33 PM
thanks for doing this every year Cisco!
HeavyC, 1/9/2023 2:02:24 PM
Nice work EVERYONE!! HC Out!!
Team CO.F.F., 1/9/2023 6:50:55 PM
Appreciate you doing this year in and year out, Cisco! Tight Lines man!!
Cisco Archuleta (Goosehunter82), 1/14/2023 11:46:36 AM
Thanks guys! Gift card are in the mail and on their way!
eholm, 1/14/2023 11:55:32 PM
Awesome thanks guys! More pics on the way!
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