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Matt Snider
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Carp Slam 2022 and Maxís Raffle

Blog by: Matt Snider 5/24/2022
It was quite a few years ago I was involved with the first few Carp Slam events on the South Platte River in Denver. Back then it was hard finding good numbers of fly folks eager to fly fish for carp, so I was asked to help - but since then a lot more people got into the niche sport and "proper" guides were more willing to take over. Even Barry Reynolds, one of the pioneers of the sport and especially fishing for them in the metro area, was heavily involved. What a blast it was.

Max (illpilgrim on FishExplorer) sent me this info and I wanted to get it out there to you so you can plan for this September event. I know there are a number of you into fly fishing the South Platte for carp, so I hope you can get involved!

CARP SLAM XVI hosted by Denver Trout Unlimited takes place on the Denver South Platte September 17th, 2022

Donate $25 to Maximilian Bushís Carp Slam page and be entered to win the ultimate warm water fly supply! (Details below)

What is the Carp Slam?
The Carp Slam is a fly-fishing tournament that takes place right in the heart of Denver with 15 teams competing to catch as many Denver South Platte (DSP) carp as possible using only the fly rod and unscented flies. The tournament brings anglers of all skill levels together. Each team is comprised of one pro and one amateur. The DSP is split into 15 beats running from Littleton to E470 with each beat designed to equally distribute fishing opportunities between teams. Teams are randomly assigned two beats and the first is fished during the morning session and the other in the afternoon. In the end, the team with the greatest cumulative inches of carp takes home the trophy. The winning team last year landed 5 carp that totaled more than 125 inches. Thatís a lot of DSP gold. 

Why do we do it?
The slam is an excellent opportunity to socialize and test your mettle as a fly carper but, the primary objective is to raise funds to enhance the DSP. The Carp Slam helps restore the health and habitat of Denver South Platte River and supports environmental education programs like Trout-in-the-Classroom and Meet-the-River team building events. Denver Trout unlimited is working with other stakeholders to add 10 beats of Lifetime Angling Access Areas to the five major projects slated for the Denver South Platte over the next ten years. Check out the Carp Slam website for more information on how Denver Trout Unlimited and partners are taking action to make the DSP river healthier while supporting education programs to engage young anglers. 

What about me?
The Denver South Platte is where my fishing addiction began. When I graduated from college, I had a month between jobs, and I decided to bike and fish the river behind my apartment in Littleton. Fishing was in my DNA, and that first trip along the Platte set my passion ablaze. So much so, that I was glad I didnít discover fishing until after I had graduated, as Iím not sure how much studying I would have gotten done. I spent that entire month fishing the Platte from Chatfield to 6th avenue. While exploring for miles and casting lures to the riverís plentiful bass and occasional trout, I experienced a sensation that was new to me. For the first time I felt truly satisfied. Since then, my love for fishing has only grown.  Iím a die-hard fly guy (respect to all anglers though) and have been targeting mostly carp for the last 4 years. Itís an honor to have an opportunity to participate in a tournament that benefits our home water and highlights the mighty common carp. 

Each amateur competitor must raise $350 to secure a spot in the tournament. To reach that goal Iíll be hosting TWO raffles this year. The prize for each is a warm water fly supply containing 15 flies that will fool fish in both lakes and moving water.  The first raffle is on June 4th 2022 and the second is on September 20th 2022. Every $25 dollar increment will count as an entry. After June 4th, donations will only count to the second raffle. These are my top shelf/secret flies. Iíve spent countless hours on our local lakes, the river, at the tying bench and have settled on several flies that flat out catch fish. Iím confident they will help you catch more carp, bass, catfish, trout, wiper or whatever else is biting. Itís a great set of flies for both new and experienced anglers. I especially encourage folks new to or interested in carp fishing to participate. I will tell you the when, where, and how for each fly. 

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