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A Little Security Talk so you can Fish Easy

Blog by: Matt Snider 6/19/2021
Just a quick post so I can explain briefly in somewhat layman’s terms that this FishExplorer platform is not only built to be useful to you as an angler but it is also highly advanced for your online security.  There is a lot going on these days in the cyberworld that you must be careful about, and I want to let you know not to be worried here.  A post came up about this and I wanted to touch on a few things.

Passwords are safe here.  On FishExplorer when you choose a password it is encrypted so we never know what it is, it is stored that way, and even if you ask us there is now way for us to tell what it is.  When you forget your password and cannot log in, we require you to reset it because there’s nothing else we can do.  One other thing we do to up security (that I see going away in many other places) is we do not use your email address as a login credential.  Your email address is a piece of data that a lot of people know about you and can be used against you.  But a unique UserName, like we ask for, adds another level of security to your login.

Your account is safe. Even if someone was able to get your login information, all they’d be able to do with it is make posts or submit photos or reports with your account. If you have a lapsed subscription, they might be able to purchase another subscription (in which case let us know so we can investigate).   They would have access to nothing else but what you have posted on FishExplorer.  They would have zero access to credit card information.  They would not even be able to see your login information. 

Your payment info is safe. We never see, store, or know any credit card number information (besides the last-4 digits for verification in certain cases.)  It is securely passed on to our partner who specializes in transaction security, and even if you asked us to find your card number, we would not be able to get it – it is simply kept on lockdown.  Nor would you or anyone with access to your FishExplorer account.

In summary, your information is safe here, be sure to keep it all safe in your own environment.  We treat your payment information with the utmost security, it is not accessible by anyone involved with FishExplorer, nor anyone with access to your account. 

If any of your internet passwords are ever stolen it happens in many ways, through breaches of password managers, direct cyber-attacks, physical/visual  theft, or interception over insecure networks.   Keep your browsers updated, your internet connections secure, and your antivirus/malware software up to date.

We may get a few complaints now and then from people who are not able to log in and are perplexed by why we cannot simply provide them their username and password.  This is why.  Pretty simple.  A means to keep things secure, despite going through the occasional trouble of resetting login credentials.

Now go fish, rest assured! And catch some good ones...

Blog content © Matt Snider
Blog Comments
mjo, 6/29/2021 3:09:27 PM
Glad to hear that you have changed that at some recent point. Last time I needed a password reset, this site just sent me my plain text password. Very alarming, and I haven't had a paid account since.
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