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April Fishing Report

Blog by: Scott Brands 4/25/2020
I sure hope everyoneís having a good April. The COVID-19 pandemic no doubt has thrown a wrench in all of our lives. For me, itís given me more time to get out on the water (about 3 times a week) and practice social distancing. As I live in Loveland, I have been confined to lakes in the northern part of the state, and I wanted to provide you all with my findings over the past month.

The first couple weeks were spent pond-hopping and exploring new bodies of water in my BigRig FD kayak. The first new body of water was a pond in Fort Collins where I sought after largemouth bass. I made my way down the bank throwing a chatterbait at any piece of cover I could find. Eventually I threw my chatterbait next to a laydown and was greeted by an 18.5 inch largemouth (you know us kayakers always go by inches). After exploring other areas of the lake, I ended the day with about 10 largies with none of the other fish breaking 16 inches in length. 

The next new body of water was another Fort Collins pond. This one seemed barren to me at first until I hit the motherload. It was like every single fish in the pond was stacked in a single 4 foot hole surrounded by emerging grass. Every other cast was greeted by a largemouth in the 12-15 inch range. This was my first true beatdown of the year with a 30+ fish day. However, I havenít been back to the pond as the size of the pond makes me think it doesnít house many (if any) bass of quality. 

Besides fishing new ponds, I also started to revisit some places I swore Iíd never go back to after awful days of fishing in the past. I found that not much had changed as I continued to struggle catching anything other than a few nice crappie who inhaled my jerkbait as I was targeting largemouth. However, I tied on my chatterbait and began to slow roll it in deeper water when I was freight trained by a 20.75 inch largemouth. This one I weighed, and it came in at 5lb 10oz! 

A couple days later I went back to the Fort Collins pond where I got the 18.5 inch bass and tried slow rolling my chatterbait deep here as well. I immediately had fish smacking my lure but not hooking up. I saw a flash of the fish but couldnít make it out. I just knew it didnít look like a bass. I then hooked into a fish that popped off. Again, it didnít feel very bassy. I fished on and hooked up again with something that felt like a nice fish, but the head shakes told me that I didnít have a bass. As I got the fish in close I could see that I hooked into a nice rainbow trout. The missed opportunities on the chatterbait all made sense now. The trout came in at 19.5 inches long and was a male with a cool looking hook jaw! This day proved to be a good one as I landed numbers of fish along with a 18.75 inch largemouth that weighed in at 4lb 9oz!

Finally, in recent weeks the bite at Boyd Lake has turned on. The walleye have eluded me for the most part this month, but the bass have been going nuts. However, timing these fish right has been crucial as they would move shallow after a few nice days, but the colder days would drive the fish back out. After a 50 fish day full of shallow water largemouth and white bass, the snowstorm came in followed by some colder days and completely turned off the bite. Recently, the weather has improved and the bite has been improving with it. Along with the largemouth, the smallmouth have also turned on. In one epic morning I hooked into about 20 smallmouth with the two biggest coming in at 18.5 and 18.25 inches. I hooked into another similar sized smallie that threw my jerkbait as I was fighting it. 

So that has been my April. Below are my top five producing lures for the month.

Zman Jackhammer Chatterbait
Strike King Rage Menace
PH Custom Lures Philís Secret Crankbait
Megabass Vision 110 Jerkbait
Lucky Craft Spinnerbait

Blog content © Scott Brands
Blog Comments
ColoradoRay, CO   4/30/2020 3:55:26 PM
Thanks for the report Scott. Any size to the white bass you caught?
Scott Brands (Skookshunter), CO   5/1/2020 12:25:46 PM
The white bass were all in the 14 to 17 inch range. I was fishing for largemouth with a jig and the white bass happened to be in the area feeding on shad. Most of the smaller white bass couldn't fit the jig in their mouths so it was mostly the larger ones that I actually caught.
frydaddy, CO   5/4/2020 1:31:48 PM
Love the post, I use to fish the area quit a bit in the past, but the traffic getting up their is tough. Lake Love has great walleye fishing during the annual fill and I have taken some 20 inch plus Smallmouth bass to task during this period. They are all still in the lake waiting to test your fishing gear, Smallmouth bass don't eat well.