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CarpQuest Season 7 - Episode 7 Released - Carp Fishing at the Fairgrounds

Blog by: JOHN FINNEY 12/8/2019
Wow - it's been far too long between videos. Alas, real life, more work on our house remodel, then finally wrecking both shoulders and rotator cuffs, ended my season early leading to a couple of months of physical therapy. Ouch !

So, it's at last, time to put up your feet with a hot cup of Java and enjoy our latest episode! 

This was a fantastic carp fishing session at Adams County Fairgrounds. My brother Peter was over from the UK to do some wildlife photography, Andrew and Ryan popped down for a visit. Almost a couple of dozen carp were landed. Peter got some great shots of the local birds including a juvenile bald eagle. 

Much Victory Coffee was consumed by all. Hope you Enjoy ! 

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Blog Comments
bron, CO   12/9/2019 6:57:33 PM
Well done John! Sorry to hear about your shoulders affecting your season.
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