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New Episode: CarpQuest S6E6 - Carp Fishing in the UK, Manor Farm

by: JOHN FINNEY 9/21/2018
After two months, dozens of cups of coffee, no expense spared having to build a whole new computer workstation to edit the videos on, we have a new episode of CarpQuest released for your pleasure.

So it's time to sit back, grab your mug, your K-cup, thermos or bucket of coffee and enjoy.

In this week’s special episode of CarpQuest we travel 5000 miles back to the UK for a summer vacation. I took with me all the tackle I could pack so I could take my niece out fishing whilst there. The Quest, to help Stephanie catch her first ever fish, a carp. Could we get it done? 

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Member comments
bron, CO   9/21/2018 9:52:35 PM
Really cool John! Was that last carp Peter caught a leather? Looked scaleless. Very happy for you to go back over the pond and do well with the family. Have to tell me sometime how you transported your gear.
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