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Carp on the Fly Resources - Part 1

Blog by: Tom McInerney 9/4/2018
Part of Series: Warmwater Fly Fishing
Ok, I'll start off saying what you might be thinking: "Seriously, another 'carp on the fly' thing? What else could he have to say?". And you're right, I have nothing to add to all the great stuff that's out there. But I have gone through it all and think I can offer what I think is the some of the best to check out.

Carp Slam XII is this Saturday and I got to fish Monday, so #carponthefly has been on my mind a little more than usual, which is a lot. It's a ton of fun. If you've been thinking about getting started, just got started and want to know more, or have been doing it for years already but sometimes just gotta scratch the itch by thinking/reading/hearing/seeing it, here's a few things to check out.

You won't be surprised that I'm starting with what we have here on Fish Explorer. We have a half dozen GREAT carp articles, some of which you may have missed, I did until recently honestly.

Online Articles

Barry Reynolds, the "Carp Godfather" himself has a two part article. This article focuses on presentation and types of feeding carp:

In A Case For Carp, Andrew Spinato and Mark Kyner go over a lot of the fundamentals of carp fishing reservoirs in Colorado. 

In Moody Muddy Carp, some unknown going by Matt Snider discusses how sight fishing carp gets tougher with poor visibility and moody fish.

Also, some old crank named Coulson wrote a great three-part series (should make it an article) about Blind Fishing For Carp which is an effective but different take on it.

In How the Queen of the Rivers Taught America to Catch & Release, John Davenport spins quite a yarn about how carp came to the states and Colorado

Finally, this last one isn't on our site, but it's from another famous Coloradan fly carper, Jay Zimmerman. He gives a very good quick run-down on Carp Gear for Colorado carpin'.

If you know of any other good online articles that really helped you out with carp on the fly, list them below.

I'll post some more good carp on the fly stuff soon like podcasts, books, and websites.

I very much enjoy catching carp on the fly.
Blog content © Tom McInerney
Blog Comments
zgcarp, CO   9/5/2018 2:12:19 PM
Thanks for posting about carp. I personally am a sponge for anything carp. Looking to practice my saltwater skills in Colorado, I was turned onto carp and have become addicted to the complexity of catching these intriguing fish. was one of my original resources. zgcarp
Flyrodn, CO   9/6/2018 12:01:05 PM
Wish there were a few carp nearby, soon when I'm back in Fort Collins mid-September. Until then I'll just have to settle for fishing the Madison River here in Ennis.

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