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Loveland Fishing Club: Lonetree Update

Blog by: Tom McInerney 8/25/2018
Thanks to the Loveland Fishing Club and Kristin Canon for allowing us to republish this update.

The following is the latest information on attempts to keep Lonetree available to the public for fishing, a letter to Loveland Fishing Club President Dave Johnson from Kristin Cannon, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Area Wildlife Manager.

Re. Fisheries support at Lonetree and other non-public bodies of water


Thank you for your letter on behalf of the Loveland Fishing Club expressing concern over fish and other resources being provided at Lonetree and other bodies of water that do not provide adequate public access. The Loveland Fishing Club is an important partner to CPW and we value input and support from its members.

As you are likely already aware, Lonetree State Wildlife Area operated mainly through a long-term lease between CPW and the Consolidated Home Supply Ditch and Reservoir Company who owns the reservoir itself and manages the water. CPW leadership made a significant effort to renew this lease so we could keep access to Lonetree free and manage it for fishing and hunting. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to renew the lease and instead it was awarded to the Berthoud Heritage Metro District. The term for that lease began on July 1st. The metro district has told us that they would like to keep the reservoir open to the public and that they would like us to continue to manage the fishery. They also asked us to continue to allow public access through the state wildlife area as status quo through the end of the year. The hope is that we can work out an agreement in that timeframe that guarantees reasonable public access so that as the metro district takes over management of the reservoir we can resume stocking fish and anglers can continue to enjoy the well-loved fishery.

As part of this discussion, it is not our expectation that access to the reservoir will continue to be free and anticipate there will be some charge to anglers and boaters. We recognize that this will be a burden for our constituents, and we will do what we can to keep any fees reasonable. Should we not be able to secure a guarantee of reasonable access we will no longer manage the fishery in the reservoir. At what amount of money a fee becomes unreasonable is not yet determined and we will seek public input, including from your group, as that is negotiated.

CPW has not stocked Lonetree since May of 2017 and removed and relocated many fish this last spring. If we are unable to secure reasonable public access, we will resume removal. There are many challenges and changes facing anglers in the Loveland area. I would be happy to speak to your group and I will certainly keep you informed of the process as it progresses.

Thanks again for your time and input,

Kristin Cannon, Area Wildlife Manager

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