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Matt Snider
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What's in a sign?

Blog by: Matt Snider 6/7/2018
So you know that sign at nearly every boat ramp that says "No fishing from the dock"?  And you know how there are always folks fishing from the dock?  What is up with that? We all know enforcement is lacking. But what if better communication could really help? Maybe the way officials get the point across could use some updating.

A few weeks ago I was in Breckenridge at a conference hosted by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  The event gathered outdoors groups of all interests, primarily conservation groups (by interest and species), community leaders focusing on outdoor recreation, and several charitable nonprofits with missions centered around nature.  Among the several breakout sessions I attended was a group of college students discussing the impact of messaging in recreation areas, signs among those.  

They need your help.  Please take their quick 1-page survey  It took me about 10 minutes.  It is anonymous. 

Deadline is June 15!

Here is more info on their program:

The Masters of the Environment program is a 17 month professional masters program at University of Colorado Boulder which partners Masters candidates with real world organizations. The idea is to expand the capacity of the organization and give students hands on experience. The National Parks Conservation Association is working with 3 students to address perceptions of behavior with people in the outdoors. 

Ultimately this information will be used to create a handbook for messaging to be used by land managers to streamline their efficiency and resources and maximum message effectiveness. We are hoping to get to the true values of our survey takers and work with them to inform the best communication techniques. 

We deeply appreciate your honest opinions and feelings. Please feel free to contact the team at for more information or interest in the project.
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Blog Comments
Coyute, CO   6/7/2018 2:47:23 PM
Interesting survey until I came to this question then I was done. "With what gender do you identify?" Out of Boulder. Makes sense. smh
Matt Snider (Matt), CO   6/8/2018 8:44:15 PM
Typical Jeff
sylvan, CO   6/9/2018 9:16:54 AM
SIGNS speed limit, littering, stop signs SIGNS don' matter
Primus Palus inactive, CO   6/10/2018 7:12:39 PM
You can't fix stupid but you can hit it with a hammer. People have been ignoring signs since the dark ages. There's no rhyme or reason. Idiots will just be idiots. That said, some places have poorly placed signage. In cases like that it's clearly on whoever is in charge of the area.
SGM, CO   6/11/2018 1:05:10 PM
Ok, completed, seemed very vaig to me .