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Skipper Spotlight: fargingicehole

by: Tom McInerney 3/5/2018
This week's skipper spotlight flashes on fargingicehole!

We're highlighting Skippers who are integral to the Fish Explorer community and to the quality of conditions reports. We're giving shout-outs to these members who go the extra mile to rep, check, and share their favorite waters.

Lindsie is skipper for Georgetown Lake, Aurora Reservoir, and Saint Mary's Lake. I don't know if you've noticed, but this guy's a bit of a shutterbug. He takes the some of the best fish photos I've seen, and he's got some great fishing videos too. And of course, he's a good skipper and great angler.

Here's a little bit about fargingicehole:

How'd you get into photography or at least shooting fish?

I was never really into photography in general until my brother gave me a Nikon D90 a few years ago. I had no knowledge of even how to use such a fancy camera, and I still don't. A little practice using automatic settings was all I needed to know. Somehow, taking pics of fish seemed to stick with me. I didn't realize how much a zoom lens could bring out so much detail on a fish. I was fascinated from that point on. I would spend a lot of time getting camera/video gear ready for a fishing trip just to make sure I could capture the moment when and if it happened. My goal was to get the best possible picture I could of any fish I caught.

Any photography tips for the rest of us? Suggested gear?

For me, I prefer to take pictures of the fish without me in it. I like taking close up pics to highlight the beauty and details of my catch, often including the lure still in its mouth. I try to be quick taking my pictures, so that I can get my fish released with minimal stress as possible. I try to get different angles, so that each picture is unique and not the same pose every time. The size of my catch is not important, although big fish pics are always thrilling!  The important thing is to make sure your pictures are in focus. A blurry picture is useless to me. If possible, always use the sun to light up and bring out the best colors of your fish. A clear, colorful picture is my way of preserving my catch on film to be enjoyed for a lifetime, while at the same time releasing the fish for someone else to enjoy in the future. As far as camera gear, any will do, even today's cell phone cameras take awesome pictures. I always take several pics in hopes that I will get at least one good, clear picture I can use. For the best detail, have your fish take up most of the frame as possible and utilize sunlight on your subject.

Why do you fish?

I've always fished since I was a kid when my dad would take me everywhere. In grade school I would even ride my bike to the park and catch goldfish, bluegill, catfish, and carp just dunking worms under a bobber. It's just something many of us have gotten hooked on. As I've gotten older, I've gotten away from using bait and prefer using lures and going after the fish instead of waiting for them to come to me. Just being able to outsmart a fish with a lure and fight it on rod and reel is a thrill I will never get tired of.

What's your favorite species/technique? Why?

For the longest time I've always been mostly a trout fisherman using spinning gear. But I also enjoy the challenge of catching other species such as bass, walleye, and pike. I've also progressed into using mostly baitcasting gear now, and I'm always looking out to try the newest lures out on the market. Also joining local tournaments has really increased my knowledge and skill learning from other anglers. A little friendly competition has helped me come out of my comfort zone and become a more versatile angler. I also fish out of a kayak which has also helped me catch more fish, being able to cover more water and get away from the crowds on shore. Two of my favorite techniques for bass is using a weightless topwater fluke in shallow water around cover such as brush or vegetation, and power fishing a crankbait while working a shoreline looking for active fish. I need to work on my finesse fishing which requires much more patience. I'm very comfortable catching trout of jerkbaits but also want to learn to become proficient using swimbaits, swimjigs, and glide baits.

What's your dream fishing trip?

My dream fishing trip would be to take my kayak to Pyramid Lake in Nevada, known for world record size Lahontan cutthroat trout. My daughter just moved to Reno, only 30 minutes from Pyramid. So I could easily visit her, have a place to stay, and fish the lake at the same time!  And to eat In-and-Out Burgers all day. Other dream trips would be to kayak fish off-shore or to fish in a Bass Masters tournament. 

Why'd you become a skipper?

Like many, I became skipper to help others. I first became skipper for Georgetown Lake and felt that I had enough knowledge to share that could be beneficial to anglers wanting to learn more. I've always had a lot of support and encouragement from other FxR members, and I've seen the generosity and willingness that people would have towards helping each other. I want to be able to give back something in return to others who have done the same for me.

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Member comments
bron, CO   3/5/2018 9:48:00 PM
Nice replies Lindsie! Keep those photos coming, I really treasure the marmot shot at Fall River. Thanks for doing this Tom!
Matt, CO   3/5/2018 10:42:32 PM
I love the pics you're shooting, keep it up!
anglerwannabe, CO   3/6/2018 7:32:14 AM
FIH = great guy, angler and friend. Thank you tom for doing these
Skookshunter, CO   3/6/2018 7:54:35 AM
Nice work Lindsie! See you at the CKFC tournaments this year!
Coyute, CO   3/6/2018 9:41:39 AM
Good article
Kev-o, CO   3/6/2018 12:13:06 PM
Great guy for sure hes taught me a lot. Always enjoy fishing with him when I get the chance. Love his pics too.
Smelly, CO   3/7/2018 1:52:22 PM
Not only a good skipper ,angler, and photographer . But an all around generous guy. Forum wouldn't be the same without him.
yard dogs, CO   3/7/2018 3:19:55 PM
Never got the chance to meet him, but have heard great things and his photos are always top notch
A10FLYR, CO   3/7/2018 3:30:54 PM
Great Guy, you should meet him.
Neyet Stalker, CO   3/7/2018 10:39:12 PM
Lindsie catches everywhere he goes and takes the best pics of fish I've seen!
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