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LFK High School Fishing with Sam Heckman

by: Eric Allee 2/26/2018
I sat down with Sam Heckman at Bass Pro Shops this weekend during the Spring Fishing Classic to do a podcast about High School Fishing. Sam gives young anglers all the information to get started! A few of the links Sam talks about during the show are below. 

These young guys and gals have so many cool opportunities to fish competitively both in high school at the collegiate level! If you know a young angler that would be interested in starting please give them the information shared in this podcast! 

We're so fortunate to have so many amazing mentors in the state of Colorado who bend over backwards to help our young anglers out. I'll be talking with all of them this year on the LFK Podcast! 

Tight lines, 
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Member comments
panfishin, CO   2/27/2018 2:59:23 PM
good stuff Eric! and thanks for all that the two of you have done for this states fishing for both young and old!
Eric Allee
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