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New CarpQuest Episode - Carp Fishing at the Fairgrounds - pt1

by: JOHN FINNEY 8/20/2017
Just in time for the eclipse, before the world's end, it's time to refill your mug, put up your feet, sit back and enjoy our latest episode !

A busy work schedule had too long kept me from the water. Finally we managed to get out and put in a couple of sessions at the Fairgrounds. With the clear skies, burning temperatures, it was always going to be tough fishing. Yet we stuck it out and managed to land a few nice fish.

Victory Coffee, tastes as good ever ! 

Hope you enjoy ! 

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Member comments
bron, CO   8/20/2017 6:31:16 PM
Nicely done John! I like how you are showing and describing your rigs, very cool. Congrats again on winning the tourny at Chatfield! I texted Nate today about the Oct. one because he has it as 10/2 which is a Monday. Thats a typo, its 10/1.
Goosehunter82, CO   8/21/2017 10:48:22 AM
Cool video. I never got your lake update on the fairgrounds?
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