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"JOHN_COSprings" - Guest Blogger

CARPQUEST S5E5 - Carp Fishing Chatfield Reservoir at Night - pt2

Guest Blog by: JOHN FINNEY 7/30/2017
Well, it's not been too long, your coffee pot is likely still warm, so sit back, pour yourself a hot mug of java and enjoy our latest episode.

With our recent success fishing overnight we returned to Chatfield for another session. Over confident from our previous trip we setup in the rain and wind, anticipating many catches. A few catfish graced the net, including a big fat channel cat. We did land some baby carp and finally a few nice low doubles. Tough night, but still fun.

Victory Coffee is not just for carp, any great catch is worthy of a mug!

Hope you enjoy ! 

I am an avid carp fisherman. I am passionate about helping others better understand and appreciate this much misunderstood fish. I am always happy to chat fishing, tackle and tactics and to share information with others to assist them in their pursuits. Some call me the "UK Madman", others CO Springs John. Me, I call myself a fisherman - perhaps a little obsessed with my passion and coffee at times!
Blog content © JOHN FINNEY
Blog Comments
bron, 7/30/2017 6:28:27 PM
Well done John! Myself, I love the mixed bags like that. Part of the the thrill is finding out what you have hooked into.
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