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Indian Peaks Wilderness Area Waters Added

by: Tom McInerney 7/31/2017
First things first, immediately visit your local fly shop or and buy A Fly Fishing Guide to Colorado's Indian Peaks Wilderness Area by Steven B. Schweitzer and Michael Kruise. If you've seen Steve's Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park, you know the high quality information, photos, and resources this book will have due to the years of research the authors have put in. These books are a must-have. Whether a short fishing hike or a multi-day back country camping trip, these books deliver everything you'll need for fly fishing and more!

Don't think that the info here is equivalent to owning the book. This is just the destination info which is really only about 25% of the book, the rest of it is chock full of photos, captions, species info, wilderness area overview and history, geography, camping, preparation, trail, gear, tactics, bugs, flies, hatch charts, etc. that cannot be found here. Go buy this book.

The only special fishing regulation in IPWA is possession or use of live fish for bait is not permitted, otherwise statewide bag/possession limits apply. Please remember to practice Leave No Trace principles.

As we did with the RMNP waters, these pages are tagged IPWA.

Area 1

Area 2

Areas 3 & 4

Area 5

Area 6

Area 7
A Fly Fishing Guide To Colorado`s Indian Peaks Wilderness Area
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Member comments
anglerwannabe, CO   8/2/2017 3:11:56 PM
good job Tom!
Tom McInerney (opencage), CO   8/3/2017 6:04:13 PM
Thanks Jim, Steve and Mike did all the real work. It's a great resource.
Busterdpr, CO   8/4/2017 8:48:42 AM
Thanks so much for creating the pages for the IPWA. I literally live in the IPWA it is such a priceless resource, please resect and enjoy it..
jlimke, CO   8/4/2017 12:55:00 PM
Is this available in paperback? Would be easier to schlep it around in a backpack if it were.
Busterdpr, CO   8/4/2017 5:34:07 PM
It is a paperback
Tom McInerney (opencage), CO   8/5/2017 8:13:22 AM
Paperback, lightweight, and fits perfectly in a pack.
Tom McInerney
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