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Ode To Fishing Dumbasses

by: Eric Allee 5/3/2017
Picking up after people gets old. Re-structuring the same basic article saying the same thing gets old too. Thought I'd try something different this time.

Ode To Fishing Dumbasses
by Eric Allee

Senseless selfishness by those who are few
Beer cans, old line, empty lure containers a few visible signs of what they do
Over the limit, mishandling fish, never seem to be a problem.... until it's at a lake near you
This poem is an ode to fishing dumbasses
If you're offended, that means you.

We share these public lands
They aren't just for you
Treat them with respect
and others will too.

While you're trashing the banks young eyes are watching
When you break the rules you're not only hurting us
You're hurting those who look up to you.
Instead of being an example
You'd rather say "Do as I say, not as I do"

We share these public lands
They aren't just for you
Treat them with respect
and others will too

We're all anglers... even you.
We'll always pick up after you
We have no choice not to.
Young eyes are watching us
to see how we react to you.
Our best foot must always be forward
it's what most anglers do

We Share these public lands
They aren't just for you
Start treating them with respect
Fishing Dumbasses if you find the poem offensive
That means you.
Blog content © Eric Allee
Member comments
culinarypunk, WY   5/3/2017 2:19:48 PM
Nice! Different!
team FMFO , CO   5/3/2017 2:47:54 PM
Awesome !!!
Kev-o, CO   5/3/2017 3:16:54 PM
Love it!
Smelly, CO   5/3/2017 3:21:48 PM
Eloquently said Mr. Allee. Albeit sad but true. Always enjoy your commentary.
anglerwannabe, CO   5/3/2017 5:10:08 PM
Wonderful Eric.. this is my favorite blog from you!
bharper, CO   5/3/2017 5:21:45 PM
Perfectly stated! Even on the Western Slope we get these morons that will pack a 12 pack of beer in and will leave all their empty cans(especially Bud Light)and the container scattered all over an area.Then you'll go from that location and before you get around the lake there is more!!! Sad,especially on local water sheds where they can close the lake to public fishing at anytime!
Neyet Stalker, CO   5/3/2017 9:38:55 PM
This should be posted on a sign at every lake/pond/stream/river/EVERYWHERE!
James Woods, CO   5/3/2017 9:41:19 PM
Ha ha that's great. One should have to put their hand on the fishing regs book and recite that out loud when you purchase a fishing license.
esoxrocks, CO   5/4/2017 8:26:56 AM
Good stuff... should be put to music.
Toadfish, CO   5/4/2017 8:49:44 AM
That's awesome! Definitely an amazing new spin on an old message.
Abel1, CO   5/4/2017 11:59:32 AM
Yes it is true People trash out the National Parks and Recreation areas Thatís what they do But itís not just the fisherman they are just a few What about the water and jet skiers/bicyclists and hikers For they use the areas too When I am fishing the shoreline, I look around and what do I see Cigarette butts/pop/beer and barbeque pans/toilet paper and used diapers Left over from thee? as a fisherman no not from me So there is plenty of blame to go around Where there are humans trash will be found So dedicate this ode to those who apply I might be a dumbass but a fishing dumbass not I Thanks Eric!
Eric Allee
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