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Brian Ashe
"Brian" - Guest Blogger

Does all this snow mean more water?

Guest Blog by: Brian Ashe 1/14/2007
Enduring a winter that we have had thus far always gives us hope that when warm temperatures return we will see increased reservoir levels along the Front Range. The current statewide snowpack is currently at 93% of average and if this continues into March we can bet that we will be able to fish some of our favorite Front Range lakes well into the late summer.

However all this early winter snow doesn't guarantee that the reservoir levels will stay up as we move into the spring. If we look at last year's situation when we assumed our above average snowpack would give us good water supply. When temperatures rised last spring and the lack of spring percipitation created an early run-off preventing our reservoirs from capturing the necessary water to maintain levels. Our fragile situation along the Front Range when it comes to water doesn't give us too much confidence that we can predict what our water situation will be come spring. Just hope that the snow continues and we have a long and wet spring that creates a situation where our reservoirs can capture all the water that comes down the mountain.
Brian is an avid angler and involved with the business development of Fish Explorer. He brings insight into the realm of fishing, Colorado water information, and the website features and business.
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