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Insight Genesis Maps Best Practices

by: Dan Swanson 3/1/2017
Lowrance's free Insight Genesis Social Maps (work on Elite HDI, CHIRP, Hook, HDS Gen 2&3 Elite TI) have been a great feature for many of us.  Few of our lakes have detailed maps.  Anglers logging data and submitting it for inclusion into the Social Map program have provided us with some good maps of Chatfield, Pueblo, Cherry Creek and Quincy and others.  However, on lakes where there are not a lot of data submitted it is easy to accidentally create a bad looking map.

I spent some time over the winter looking at the lakes where I have the most familiarity.  Boyd, Lonetree, Douglas and Lon Hagler all had some bad data in them.  I've been working with Insight Genesis support to get these fixed.  At this time Boyd, Lonetree and Douglas are fixed.  Lon Hagler still has one track that needs to be fixed (I'm still working on it)  but it is an improvement from what was there.  See below to see what Lon Hagler should look like and what it looks like with bad data.  If you want good maps of these four lakes this would be a good time to download them.

Lakes such as the metro lakes look fine as there is enough data being submitted that the Insight Genesis algorithms keep the data looking good.  What I don't know is what other lakes may be affected by bad data.  If anyone has seen anything that looks wrong contact Lowrance Insight Genesis support and let them know, or you can send an email to me through the field editor links.

To prevent this in the future please use the offset tab after you have submitted your data.  You can calculate the offset if you are on a Bureau of Reclamation lake by subtracting the daily lake level found on their website from full pool.  It's even more accurate if you add the depth of your transducer below the water line.  Another way is to use your existing social map, drive to a spot on the lake, where it's pretty flat and note the depth on your sonar and on the map.  Subtract the difference - that is your offset that you can add in after you've uploaded your data.   The article I wrote a couple of years ago may help.  (Note: the article says there is a subscription to get the social maps but that is no longer true.  It's free.  The subscription allows you to make private maps or maps with vegetation or bottom hardness).

On a couple of side notes, I'll be at the Bass Pro marine electronics counter in Denver on Saturday, March 4th from 10-5.  Also, there is a new software update for HDS Gen 3 and Elite TI units.  This update provides several things (press release), most interesting to me will be live mapping on the unit itself rather than needing a tablet wifi connected to HDS Gen 3 or Elite TI with the free Navionics boating app (the way I've been doing it).
Lon Hagler with a bad track
Lon Hagler correct
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Member comments
Matt, CO   3/2/2017 4:14:23 PM
That software update for the HDS Gen 3 is awesome. I have been looking at upgrading my equipment for a little while, and the fact that Lowrance units required the laptop connection to update the "live" maps was steering me in a different direction while others updated the map on the unit as you go. I am glad Lowrance fixed I've gotta get back up to speed with their units
Desertsky, CO   4/4/2017 11:22:21 AM
Dan, if you have their ears, PLEASE ask them to update their software so that more than one lake can be loaded per microSD card! I have the Elite 7Ti and I can't see forcing us to have a different SD card for each lake.
Dan Swanson (Dan Swanson), CO   4/4/2017 1:31:15 PM
Desert sky, you can have more than one map on a card. Create a folder on your SD card for each lake. Put your downloaded map in that folder then double click on it. It will extract the files for that lake in the folder. Then you can chose which lake you want by selecting chart options-chart source. A list of lakes will appear on the right side of your Ellite TI or HDS. With Hook or earlier Elite (HDI or newer) you will select the map from the list of charts on he chart menu. I
Desertsky, CO   4/5/2017 7:53:48 AM
Thanks Dan. I will give that a try. I was told by Lowrance that you could not have more than one map per card when I tried it earlier and that there were no plans to update their software.
Dan Swanson (Dan Swanson), CO   4/5/2017 8:04:37 AM
it's strange that they told you that. Here's a blog from Lowrance written in March 2016 on the topic. with this line in it. "A recent improvement to Insight Genesis gave us the ability to have multiple maps on the one SD card (previously the system only functioned with a single map per card) I therefore create a series of folders on my SD card one for each dam or body of water. Each series of map files are then placed into the corresponding folders. When operational this gives you the ability to choose between the various maps from the sounder."
Neal, CO   4/5/2017 10:50:10 AM
Thanks! Very informative!
River_FlyFisher, CO   4/5/2017 12:23:29 PM
Here's another good link on the Insight Genesis blog, talking about this very subject. I would like to point out my comments at the bottom about the changes that came with the software 2.0 update (I still have a comment pending too...). FYI.
River_FlyFisher, CO   4/5/2017 12:23:56 PM
LOL, link didn't paste.... Let's try again.
Oyey, CO   4/5/2017 2:42:43 PM
Dan, I use the HDS 7 unit. Can these maps be loaded into that unit? thanks, Jason
Dan Swanson (Dan Swanson), CO   4/5/2017 5:57:56 PM
Insight Genesis Maps work on HDS Gen 2, Gen 2 Touch, Gen 3, Carbon, Elite HDI or Elite CHIRP, Elite TI, Hook 4, 5, 7, 9 as long as they have GPS.
Desertsky, CO   4/19/2017 4:30:33 PM
Well, no joy. I downloaded a bunch of maps, created a folder for each on a 8gb micro sdhc, copied the files into each folder, extracted them and my Elite Ti does not show them in the Chart Source screen, only Lowrance and Navionics.
Dan Swanson (Dan Swanson), CO   4/19/2017 7:49:57 PM
Desertsky. I believe you have done something not quite right. When I've seen these issues in the past it's been because the plotter that was created in the profile had an incorrect serial numbe or content ID assigned. Capitilazation matters (Like ba instead of BA). Thats where I got burned last time I had a problem. Try one map at a time.
Dan Swanson (Dan Swanson), CO   4/19/2017 7:53:24 PM
Desert sky. Sent me an email in this. I can probably help you figure it out.
Dan Swanson (Dan Swanson), CO   4/20/2017 10:18:35 AM
The Lon Hagler map has now been fixed.
Desertsky, CO   4/27/2017 5:32:17 PM
Thanks Dan. I had a wrong digit in the ID. Fixed it and now everything is OK.
Dan Swanson (Dan Swanson), CO   4/27/2017 9:13:00 PM
Awesome. Glad it worked for you.
Dan Swanson
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