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For New Members - some thoughts and advice

by: Jim McFarland 2/6/2017
You found this awesome site called Fish Explorer which is like a new toy and you can't wait to take it out of the box.  Some of the knowledge shared is second to none and you intend to fully exploit that knowledge and improve your game.   But before you start making posts and joining in, I'd like to offer some thoughts and advice.

Be a lurker for a little bit, hide in the shadows and pour through the offerings found here.  Get familiar with the lake pages, fish species pages etc.  There is tons of great info to be gleaned from the tabs at the top of the fish explorer web site. This can save you lots of time and potential heartburn in the future.  After you familiarize yourself with the tabs, read as many posts and threads as you can.  You'll discover Fish Explorer has its own identity and culture.  You will also find that many members here have a long history, both good and bad.

Use caution around sensitive subjects like asking someone where their best wiper or pike location is. These places are hard to find and sharing that info on a public forum just isn't going to happen.  To relate this to personal experience, I once asked a person to meet me at a location that is not their fishing hole and teach me some wiper technique.  The onslaught was merciless.  Lol  With that in mind, asking questions about technique for certain species can be quite beneficial.  The more intelligent the question, the better the responses are likely to be.  Especially if members feel like you did some research prior to posting.  Another hot topic is CnR, but we'll leave that for a different conversation.

Some folks won't like this but let's talk a little about points.  That number you see to the right of a person's name.  It doesn't hurt to notice members with accumulated points.  It does not mean that anyone is smarter than you or better than you.  What it does mean is it is highly likely the person has been a member for a long time.  Which means that the person has been a consistent contributor to the site.  This is accomplished in many ways, such as frequent lake updates, blogs or just repeated helpful information to fellow members.

Have a thick skin.  This is most likely the most important advice I can give you.  Many of our members are very much "to the point individuals", their response often seeming like a confrontation with you. When in fact, they have imparted knowledge in the quickest, most direct approach available.  Another reason for a thick skin is frequently you will run into differing opinions on subjects or technique.  Often our new members feel attacked and respond in kind and what would have been a great thread turns into something unfortunate.  For me, the very best threads are the ones with differences of opinion.  More often than not both parties are correct but have found a different way to be effective.

Enjoy the site and its members.  After you been around for a while you will see the members here are a fairly tight knit community.   Most will be happy to meet you somewhere and wet a line.  The same person that is tight lipped on the forum will open up about fishing for certain species in person.  The people on this site are always doing wonderful and selfless acts of kindness.  I can't possibly count how many times someone has posted about lost gear only for our members to report they found it and will return it.  Or members that find gear and post here that they found it.    Not to mention community service like Vets on Ice or helping Boys and Girls club learn to fish.

Welcome to the site and please feel free to contact me on my skipper link and I will try and answer questions as best I can.  Or if you just want to say hello.
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Member comments
dallasdb, CO   2/6/2017 1:42:20 PM
Did something prompt this? Have some snowflakes had their feelings hurt lately when they met some "to the point individuals?" :)
shmiley1, CO   2/6/2017 2:16:25 PM
Good points! I know it irritates me when there are 3 posts on lakeX on the first page alone then someone of course has to make a 4th to ask the same question thats already been answered 3x. Im 1 of those "direct" members and i see ppl take offense all the time when none was intended. Ive even been told i post with a "tone". Im also the 1 to call you out too, knowing you will be offended. So many post to brag and seek those "waytogo" replies but are oh so offended when someone replies with something different or critical. Dont put it out there in public if you cant accept differences of oppinions imo.
esoxrocks, CO   2/6/2017 2:41:41 PM
What's that you say about CnR? dare you !!! I'm offended (or is that offensive?)
Salmon Slayer, CO   2/6/2017 5:52:12 PM
Someone asked a question last year, "What is your favorite aspect of FxR?" Hands down then and now are the tabs you mentioned. The longer I hang around the more detailed info I am able to mine from posts going back several years. And if anybody doesn't like it, fins up to ya anyway!
bron, CO   2/6/2017 6:12:49 PM
Still my favorite blog Jim. Thanks for posting it again.
lackskill, CO   2/6/2017 7:29:33 PM
Good stuff Jim! We need to "wet a line soon!"
Jim McFarland (anglerwannabe), CO   2/7/2017 4:35:17 PM
Thanks guys. And no, no one has had their feelings hurt. Just noticed lots of new members. shmiley, maybe a little to the point at times, on the other hand, us folks that's been here a while know you are also the first to help with questions. ESOX - you offend me!!! lol Or did I offend you? I can't remember. Thank you bron. lackskill - let's make it happen. Salon Slayer, I enjoy your posts
opencage, CO   2/16/2017 6:46:34 AM
Thanks Jim, great advice all around.
Anteroman, CO   2/16/2017 8:04:07 AM
Good info Jim, lots of great information, just separate the wheat from the shaft as you journey through the site. Bill
jshanko, CO   2/19/2017 6:50:05 PM
Good read and good advice, Wished I had wrote it.
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