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New CarpQuest Episode Released: My PB Grass Carp - 30 lbs!

Blog by: JOHN FINNEY 1/6/2017
In this weeks new episode of CarpQuest a short session at a favorite local venue produced a huge surprise capture, a new PB grass carp for me. Yet this capture was bitter sweet. A few months later the lake was all but totally drained to repair an inlet. 

As the lake was being refilled a local angler spotted the corpses of a dozen or more big carp in the shallows. Such a sad end to so many beautiful fish that had called this water home for over a decade.

Before the work commenced some of the lakes inhabitants, hopefully including a few of the big carp, were relocated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to another lake in the city. We were only aware of a pod of around 30 or so carp that once lived here. 

We will return to the lake in Spring of 2017 to see if even just a couple of these majestic fish may have survived. Nature is always full of surprises ! 

Hope you enjoy.


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Blog Comments
bron, CO   1/6/2017 10:30:36 PM
That was a beast John! Shame that they drained the lake and I hope that big grassie got relocated. Waneka went through the same thing this year. We fished Pikeview the last two Springs for the boys and girls club event and I had our carp rigs out both times while we helped the kiddos. Not one bite.
JOHN FINNEY (JOHN_COSprings), CO   1/6/2017 11:33:55 PM
Pikeview was always a VERY hard venue for carp, the big, wise fish, were incredibly hard to catch. It had been 18 months since my last capture there. James, who fished it perhaps 20+ sessions last yea, had only caught a handful of fish for his efforts.