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The Fishful Thinker

Blog by: Chad LaChance 1/14/2007
Fishful Thinker is a state of mind, pure and simple. Not a person or place, or even genre, rather a mindset that besets those who think fishy thoughts. Primal yet sophisticated, it's knowledge skillfully applied in a wave of success and failure. It's youthful exuberance and ageless wisdom, respect for the quarry and environment, the sharing amongst peers, and the understanding of an anglerís place in the grand scheme, however humbling that may be.
Fishful Thinker; Its all in your head."

My name is Chad LaChance and I'm The Fishful Thinker, or at least the owner of the fishing company by the same name. The verbage (rubbish?) above serves to help me justify my fishing endeavors, be they business or pleasure. It reminds me always that fishing is more than hobby for many folks, myself obviously included. Transending all angling styles is a vibe, feeling, understanding...whatever you want to call it, that all anglers recognize. You can't beat the people you meet fishing. Welcome to my blog.

I live in Fort Collins on the shore of Horsetooth Reservoir where I'm a registered outfitter (#2414). Actually I guide Horsetooth and Carter Lake and I have another guide working in the Denver area. I'm dedicated to "Teaching the World to Fish Big!" and my contribution to society is going to be leaving a bunch of fisherman for future generations, in the belief that fishing is a lot better than other things we might do with our time.

Right now it's so unbelievably cold out that guiding, or even fishing, seems ridiculous. But the inlet is running hard into The 'Tooth and I know there are huge trout lurking in the influx of water, so its not entirely out of the question. Getting your string pulled in a Colorado winter is always a bonus for a guy from South Florida. The lake is up 21' since 11.27.06 and I can't wait for ice out...

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