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Mud Mud Mud

Blog by: Dale Daugherty , WY 6/13/2015
Yesterday was my Sunday so I decided to grab the dogs and take a drive.  Where? I don't know, I'll figure that out when I'm getting gas. 
I was just in Pinedale last Sunday, great area with a lot more exploring to do. But, I decided to head east towards WY highway 71 to go chase some tiger trout on a wind blown plains lake.  (My buddy txt me the night before telling me to go after tiger trout.)
I'm 3/4 the way to the lake , one more hill pass togo, and come to a construction crew that say they closed the road due to rain and mud. Great! Now what? .......
Well I decided to head north of there to fish the spillway ate seminoe and explore some forest service roads around the area.  Make my way to the spillway entrence and see the Gaye is close due to high water. Ok ok off to the FS roads. Make it up and over the first ridge and halfway down and the road becomes a complete mud pit. No thanks, I back out and get turned around and think "i have seen several state parks people driving in the area and none of them said one word about this mess" owell. Now what???
take a quick look at the map and realize I'm close to Saratoga and the Medicine Bow National Forest. What the Heck?  Off we go! The dogs and I finally have a great adventure for the day, mostly mud free!
Between the still ice fishable glacier lakes, snow capped rocks, wildlife, the UW football team taking pictures and the great brookie fishing it made up for all the muddy fails that started the day! 

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