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Devin Gelsinger
"pikeNcolorado" - Guest Blogger

A Small Dose of Success - Part 1

Guest Blog by: Devin Gelsinger 10/14/2014
Over the past 10 years, I have religiously pursued the Tiger Muskie species.  I wasnít only targeting the species, my goal was to land one in a lake that very few existed or according to most, donít exist at all.  Over the years, I progressed through many transitions as an angler.  Through these transitions, I became a northern pike snob which led me into believing that my skills with pike would up my chances of actually landing a Tiger Muskie. 

Over the first few years, I would go out and throw lures for an hour before or after work chasing the toothy critters in hope of that first follow or major tug.  After dissecting the lake and mixing in what I have taken in from pike fishing I felt I was getting close.  I was in an area where no one fishes and I mean no one when much to my surprise, a follow by a healthy 25-30 inch Tiger Muskie.  To this day, the tiger stripes down its side are still very vivid in my head.  I watched her slowly fade away into the deeper water.  Finally, my own proof and to top it off, my pike skills has put in me the general area that they do hang out. 

On one hand my first emotion was anger that it didnít strike. After all, by this point, I had put in several thousands of casts.  After my emotions and adrenaline came back down to earth like a tube jig finally resting on the bottom, I realized how significant this follow actually was.  It was at this point in my journey as an Angler I realized that anything can be done. I realized that hard work and not giving up can prove many people wrong.  This is where the true addiction took place and thatís where setting a tough goal for myself was embedded into my thick head.
As the years progressed, my desire to catch a Muskie did not alter.  However, my knowledge of angling did.  Not only that, but my arsenal of lures that had hit the checkbook pretty hard because of my addiction.  One early summer night, I had my tackle bag on my shoulder as I was leaving the lake after not seeing a fish, when I saw a Muskie grabbing the last bit of sunlight of the day.  I dropped my bad behind my truck and went after it, and again, no interest.   Disgusted in losing another opportunity and drifting off to Muskie land in my head, I drove off leaving my bag on the shore right next to the road.  Yes, this was the bag that had somewhere in $800-$1,000 range of lures, gear and a waterproof HD Camera.  Needless to say, that bag was never seen again.

As I progressed and the addiction became even worse, my muskie sightings and follows became pretty standard but again, I couldnít seal the deal. I went ahead and took the plunge on buying more gear since itís the same gear I use for pike.  The sighting and follows became so frequent, that a buddy of mine and I named a lot of the fish.  We had Patches, ( solid white mark on his head )  Slot, who was around the 36 inch slot limit, Hook, who had a jacked up bottom hook jaw and my personal favorite, Big Mamma, who I only saw twice in one summer but was every bit of 25lbs.  But as usual, I still did not have the notch on my belt that I was the proud angler who had successfully landed a Tiger Muskie.   

Continued in Part 2.

"Just looking for some fish with TEETH!"
Blog content © Devin Gelsinger
Blog Comments
anglerwannabe, 10/14/2014 7:05:38 AM
Good read Devin. Thanks for sharing!
the fishing dj, 10/14/2014 7:34:41 AM
Cant wait for part 2! Good reads.
team FMFO , 10/14/2014 8:08:31 AM
Good job pike, keep at it !
Catman1979, 10/14/2014 9:44:25 AM
Good stuff man!
Ajax5240, 10/14/2014 12:57:03 PM
That's rough about loosing the bag, can't imagine that feeling! Can't wait to see the pic that eventually comes with the big muskie pay off! You ever look into a road trip north to chase em where they exist in greater numbers?
esoxrocks, 10/14/2014 7:10:04 PM
Cool story. I completely understand your obsession with Musky hunting. Once it gets under your skin nothing quite compares. You really need to plan a trip to the upper Midwest ...WI, MN, or southern Ontario. You've paid your dues and deserve a location that can provide a true opportunity for a monster. I'd be happy to suggest some locations and guides.
Devin Gelsinger (pikeNcolorado), 10/15/2014 8:12:06 PM
Thanks Gents for all the comments. Esox and Ajax, I have played with the idea of going to other states for better odds of catching them. The truth is, my goal was set for this particular lake which was I believe why it was so tough. Maybe now that I've actually caught one, I can start heading out to other waters spending more time on just them. Thanks again and hopefully I didn't bore anyone to sleep......ANGLERWANNABE, you still awake? I know you old timers need naps quite often. HA HA JK.
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