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Will Dykstra
"Muskiemaniac" - Guest Blogger

Who's Ready For Fall Fishing?

Guest Blog by: Will Dykstra 9/2/2014
As the water temperature begins to cool, the summer bite dies off fairly quickly. The fish are not necessarily going to be in different areas, they will just be more susceptible to a few different lures.

Find the Weeds, Find the Fish
In most of our Colorado waters the pike are primarily relating to weeds, throughout the summer the weeds are difficult to fish. Once the water cools and the weeds lay down, the pike become much more accesible. I like targeting these fish casting spinnerbaits, and soft jerkbaits or swimbaits. As long as the lures are somewhat "weed resistant" you should be able to catch fish working them over or through the weeds.

Cast or Troll?
The fall is reversed from the spring as far as order goes. In the spring typically trolling early is most productive and then transitioning into a casting bite as the weeds interfere with trolling. In the fall I will transition from casting to trolling. As soon as the weeds are out of the way trolling is by far most effective.

The Tackle Box
My tackle box for the fall is more diverse than any other time of the year. My top baits are as follows.
1. Spinnerbait ( Double Colorado )
2. Soft Swimbait ( Savage Gear Line Thru Trout, 3D Trout)
3. Soft Jerkbait ( 7" reaper tail, Slug-Go )
4. Husky Jerk

1. Rapala FL-18
2. Husky Jerk (HJ-14)
3. 7" Grandma Lure

Speed is Key
As the water cools down the fish will get more aggressive until the water gets too cold. Earlier in the fall, work your presentations quickly and erratically. Once the water gets below 52 degrees the fish slow down severely. Slowly worked baits with long pauses are most effective.

Hopefully this helps you be successful throughout the fall fishing season. I anticipate this to be one the best falls we have seen in years and I plan on putting some clients on some big fish as well as teaching them how to be successful day in a day out. 
Good Luck!

Will Dykstra is a Colorado Native who has a relentless obsession for Muskies and Northern Pike. This obsession has led to him becoming a senior predator guide for Tightline Outdoors. Over the years Will has fished many bodies of water pursuing toothy critters. This pursuit has allowed him to take tactics learned while fishing northern Minnesota and Canada and applying them to lakes and rivers in Colorado. The majority of fishing that Will does in Colorado is spent chasing Tiger Muskies, Northern Pike, Smallmouth , Largemouth, Lake Trout, and all other species of Trout. Will is currently the President of the Colorado Chapter of Muskies Inc. Will is sponsored by Blade Runner Tackle, Red October Baits, Tuf-Line,P Line, EGO nets,and Muskie Bumper.
Blog content © Will Dykstra
Blog Comments
pikeNcolorado, CO   9/4/2014 11:18:30 AM
Short, sweet and to the point. Hopefully we can catch up at the ISE this year. Thanks for the read.
Andy2013, CO   9/13/2014 6:12:40 AM
Thanks for the trolling tip I will get them
Trapper@1, CO   9/17/2014 8:15:29 AM
Fall fishing I am ready for the ICE!
LastKast2010, CO   9/25/2014 8:52:55 AM
nice little bit of info.... thanks will
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