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Rocky Mountain National Park Waters Added

Blog by: Tom McInerney 5/17/2014
At the beginning of the year, I started adding waters in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) to the Fish Explorer catalog. This is all thanks to Steve Schweitzer and his book A Fly Fishing Guide To Rocky Mountain National Park.

Itís been said before, but bears repeating; if you plan on fishing the Park at all, get this book. Nevermind the awesome amount of information found inside, itís just a beautiful book. You can preview it here and youíll see what I mean.

Steve will be speaking about the book and fishing RMNP at the May 20th meeting of the Cutthroat Chapter of Trout Unlimited. You can read more about it here. Be sure to stop by if you can. Finally, his website The Global Fly Fisher is another great fly fishing resource.

Here are the most recent additions from RMNP:

Zone 1 - North Central
Corral Creek
La Poudre Pass Creek
Willow Creek
Cache La Poudre River
Cascade Creek
Chapin Creek
Hague Creek
Mummy Pass Creek
Mirror Lake

Zone 2 - Northeast
North Fork Big Thompson
Lost Lake, Lake Husted, Lake Louise, Lake Dunraven
West Creek
Cow Creek
Black Canyon Creek
Fall River
Hidden Valley Creek
Roaring River
Lawn Lake
Crystal Lake (aka Big Crystal Lake)
Ypsilon Lake & Creek
Fay Lake, Lower (aka Caddis Lake)

Zone 5 - Southeast
Copeland Lake
Sandbeach Lake
Sandbeach Creek
North St. Vrain
Cony Creek
Ouzel Creek
Box Lake & Drainage
Thunder Lake
Pear Lake & Creek
Hutcheson Lakes

Zone 7 - West
North Inlet Creek
Pettingell Lake
Ptarmigan Creek
Lake Nanita & Drainage
Solitude Lake
Tonahutu Creek
Haynach Lakes & Drainage

Zone 8 - Northwest
Colorado River - Below Shadow Mountain
Colorado River - Kawuneeche to Headwaters
Baker Creek (Baker Gulch)
Bowen Gulch (near Gaskil)
Beaver Creek & Red Gulch
Grand Ditch (aka The Grand Canal)
Timber Creek
Timber Lake
Onahu Creek

You can find links to the waters from Zones 3, 4, and 6 in my February blog.

All of these waters will be viewable to members free for the next week. After that, the lakes will be available to FxR+ and Contributing Members.

Please visit the Rocky Mountain National Park website to review the special fishing regulations. Finally, donít forget to practice Leave No Trace principles.

So go support our national parks and fun fishing!
A Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park
Blog content © Tom McInerney
Blog Comments
Ajax5240, 5/17/2014 12:48:57 PM
That is great news!! I look forward to putting it to work! Is the new water available to all or just contributing / plus side members?
Tom McInerney (opencage), 5/17/2014 1:17:31 PM
All waters are available to all members this week, after that the lakes will be available to FxR+ members, and Lily and Sprague Lake available to Contributing members.
anglerwannabe, 5/18/2014 8:27:50 AM
thanks Tom for all the hard work
The Matty, 5/18/2014 9:21:33 AM
Awesome! This is one of my favorite places to fish (and I love the book too) Nothing beats the dry fly action you get in the park.
Tom McInerney (opencage), 5/19/2014 7:35:58 AM
All the thanks go to Steve for his passion, work, and research. I'm looking forward to fishing the Park a lot this summer myself.
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