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More Waters, More Fishing, More Fun

Blog by: Tom McInerney 2/20/2014
Things are warming up here in Colorado. Half of us are drooling for open water, the other half would be happy if the lakes were capped year round, and the third half doesnt care because theyll be out there either way. Well, I have news that should please all these groups.

Im excited to announce that we have added, and will continue to add, the many fishable lakes and streams in Rocky Mountain National Park to the Colorado Fish Explorer catalog.

Thanks to Steve Schweitzer, weve added the waters from Zones 3, 4, and 6 of his phenomenal book A Fly Fishing Guide To Rocky Mountain National Park. If you have any interest in fishing the Park, get this book. Steve spent over ten years researching and fishing Rocky Mountain National Park to write this guide. While the information hes let us use from the book is very useful, having the book on your shelf or in your hand while in the Park is invaluable.

Heres the waters weve added to date:

Zone 3 - Central
- Big Thompson River
- Mill Creek
- Spruce Creek
- Spruce Lake
- Loomis Lake
- Fern Lake
- Odessa Lake
- Arrowhead Lake
- Rock Lake & Little Rock Lake

Zone 4 - East
- Lily Lake
- Sprague Lake
- Boulder Brook
- Wind River
- Glacier Creek
- Mills Lake
- Jewel Lake
- Black Lake
- The Loch
- Icy Brook
- Glass Lake
- Sky Pond
- Lake Haiyaha
- Chaos Creek
- Dream Lake
- Tyndall Creek
- Emerald Lake
- Peacock Pool
- Roaring Fork

Zone 6 - Southwest
- East Inlet Creek
- Echo Creek
- Paradise Creek
- Ten Lake Park
- Adams Lake
- Lone Pine Lake
- Lake Verna & Spirit Lake
- Fourth Lake
- Fifth Lake
- Colorado River - below Shadow Mountain Dam
- Columbine Creek

The rest will be added throughout the next few weeks. Keep in mind all these waters are in Rocky Mountain National Park and Leave No Trace principles must always be used. Remember: Pack it in, Pack it out. Please enjoy these new waters, keep them pristine, submit conditions reports whenever possible, and let me know if I made any mistakes.

So get up there and fun fishing!

Oh and one last thing. For those members near the northern front range area, the FREE Larimer County Fishing Expo is just around the corner, March 8th and 9th in Loveland at The Ranch. As usual, they have an excellent line-up of vendors and speakers. Be sure to save one or both of those dates as its a very worthwhile event... and FREE.

A Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park
Larimer County Fishing Expo
Blog content © Tom McInerney
Blog Comments
fishthumpre, 3/5/2014 8:17:06 AM
Okay, this should be a great addition. I've been wondering what we'll find in the park with all the flooding that took place, and this should give us a way to tell one another after we get a chance to go up and look around.
Tom McInerney (opencage), 3/5/2014 9:31:26 AM
Thanks Bill. We're also excited to be adding these waters, and I'm tying to add more every day. I plan on hiking, fishing and tubing the Park a lot this year. Based on what I've heard Swigs and Kirk from Estes say, the fish and river environment uphill survived the floods much better than say below Drake.
PerchJerker, 3/5/2014 3:48:22 PM
I can verify that Steve's book is great for use in RMNP. The detail is very usable and concise. I strongly suggest purchasing the book if you are spending a lot of time in the Park.
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