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Nate Zelinsky
"TightLine" - Guest Blogger

And The Numbers Are In...

Guest Blog by: Nate Zelinsky 1/2/2008
Well 2007 was a great year and finally came to a bittersweet close. Many fish caught, many fish lost. Some days we wished would never end, and others couldn't end quick enough. The other day I had a customer ask me, "How many days did you spend on the water this year?" This question aroused my interest and since we log every time we're out on the water (both open and hard), I decided to tally the score. In the 2007 season, between guiding, tournaments and scouting, we spent 218 days on the open water and 49 days on the ice, totalling 267 days on the water for 2007. The sad thing about it is, I spent 40 days straight, no days off, guiding and did not get to wet a line for myself once. As each year comes, we find ourself on the water more and fishing for ourselves less. But hopefully, that will be different this year. 2008 is shaping up nicely for us already and we hope to wipe out our 2007 seson tally.

In the 100 or so days that we're not on the water, we are still deeply involved with the industry. We are writing this blog from the Big Rock show, which is a dealer show, in Las Vegas, NV. This is our kick off show for our show season. After Vegas, we will return to Denver for the 2008 Denver Boat Show, representing Lund Boats and Mercury Marine. Immediately following that is the Denver ISE Show, where we hope to see many of our readers. At the ISE show, we will have our usual Tightline Outfitters booth and will also be appearing on the demonstration tank all 4 days and the theatre on Saturday and Sunday. Once we are done with Denver, we find ourselves heading off to Portland, Oregon where we will be supporting the Tasmanian Devil Lures and getting them into the sporting goods stores out on the West coast. And then is starts to get busy. March brings the ISE shows in both Phoenix, AZ and up to Salt Lake City, UT, where we end our streak of shows and head into our tournaments season.

We leave March 21st to start prefishing for our first tournament of the year, the MWC Spring Valley, IL event. We venture next to Port Clinton, OH for 3 weeks in April so Nathan can fish the FLW event. The following week, we will be fishing in the same location for the MWC. May finds us fishing on the Bay of Green Bay in Marinette, WI and we end our regular tournament season in Oshkosh, WI on Lake Winnebago. Throughout all of these events, we will be guiding pretty much 24/7 in, home sweet home, beautiful Colorado, whenever we are here. So book your trips while there's still time!

We are very excited for the 2008 season and we hope everyone else is looking forward to a great year. May your catches be plentiful, and memories large. Please keep catch and release in mind for the coming year and take the family and some friends along. It'd be nice to get fishing as one of the states highest recreations the year can provide! Good Luck to all and see you at the shows!

Nate & Steph Zelinsky
Nathan Zelinsky is a full time professional walleye angler. He has fished the MWC along with many other tournaments. Besides tournament fishing Nathan is owner/operator of Tightline Outdoors guide service which is an all species guide service, fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass,Northern Pike, Trout, Catfish, Carp, Perch, Tiger Muskie, Kokanee Salmon and Wiper. Nathan spends around 300 days a year on the water or ice. Nathan also runs a Ice Fishing School in the winter months. He is a frequent guest on ESPN Outdoots with Terry Wickstrom and also appears frequently on Angling Adventures, Fishful Thinker and Lip'em & Rip'em. Nathan is also a member of ICE TEAM. Nathan is sponsored by Lund Boats, Mercury Marine, JRs Tackle, Interstate Batteries, JIffy Augers, Berkley, Fenwick, Phlueger, White Caps, Crowly Marine, Replicas INC, The Sign Guys and Gal, Ice Armor, Clam, Vexilar, Mr. Heater, Ice Team, Blue Quill Angler, Todays Tackle and Line-X.
Blog content © Nate Zelinsky
Blog Comments
Fishinbud, CO   1/3/2008 8:15:06 AM
Nate and Steph, Thanks for the update regarding your very busy schedules. Personally, I don't quite know how you find the time to read, much less respond to many of the posts on this forum. Do know that we appreciate your skills, interest and knowledge that you readily share with both your clients and aquaintences alike. Keep up the good work in 2008, as we know that you will. Take care, be safe and I wish you all the best in this New Year, - John Lantz.
JED, CO   1/3/2008 8:19:47 AM
Nate and Steph, if you only knew how much I truly apperciate you, and all you do for the sport. I look forward to meeting you all at the Denver Boat show, we will also be at the show, look for JED's. See you soon, and GOD BLESS 2008
Nate Zelinsky (TightLine), CO   1/3/2008 6:14:10 PM
Hey thanks guys, very much. We appreciate your feedback and appreciate even more, you comments. We try to pass on our knowledge and experience and try to promote education to you all and d our part in the industry. Without eager people wanting to learn how to fish, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. So again thanks to all of you.