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Jonathan Hill
"jfred17" - Guest Blogger


Guest Blog by: Jonathan Hill 4/11/2012

I am not one for superstitions. I don’t mind walking under a ladder or having a black cat cross my path and don't believe that breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck. But I am pretty sure I jinxed myself. The previous two blogs that I wrote have come back to haunt me. I should never have mentioned how slow it is at my day job and I definitely should not have written anything on the LDR issue. 

It all started this past weekend when some friends and I hiked in to a canyon to get some exercise and do some fishing. The canyon is an amazing place. If you are looking for solitude and some decent fishing, that is the place to find it. On this day however, the fishing was off for most of us and most of the day I didn’t even have a bite. Then I happened upon a nice pool and saw a decent rainbow swim out from shore. I sat there and fished him for a good thirty minutes. After multiple reties and depth changes, I hooked in to him. He was a big rainbow, at least 20”! But, as you may have already assumed, he got off after a minute of having a bit of fun. LDR.

Then Monday roles around and it's off to work again. Work was just as slow as I had mentioned previously. I sometimes bring my fishing gear with me to work just in case I can leave early and try my luck at the local fishing hole, but it seems that every time I have it with me we get busy and I get bummed that I’m not leaving early to go fishing. So this day I did not bring my setup and wouldn’t you know, I got off early. I rushed home, grabbed my gear and headed to the creek.

It was on fire! I have never seen so much action since I started fishing it last year. Sitting and watching, I was pretty sure that the chub in the river were spawning so the browns were coming out to play. So I tied up and started casting. I fished for three hours, I caught three little creek chub and that was it. With all the action I was seeing in the water, I couldn’t get a single trout out of the water. I did however get blessed with yet another LDR by a nice brown that was pushing 10” or so.

Tuesday morning arrives and I am feeling pretty superstitious at this point. I kept telling myself I should not have written a word about LDRs. I should not have mentioned getting off work early. I should have kept these things to myself and I may have been able to land a few more fish because of it. But then again, what a difference a day makes.

There was no difference in my work load at my day job. Same old same old - go in at 6 a.m., get a handful of jobs completed, bitch and moan about how there is no work coming in, and then leave at 1. But this time I had my fly rod in the car.

I was on the water at 2 and had a few hours to fish until I had to pick up my son from daycare. So I went over to the same spot I had visited the day before. I sat watching - same action underwater as I had seen previously. I wondered what flies to tie on, looked in my fly box and grabbed a couple then put them back. Grabbed another and put it back and then finally settled on a couple of flies I had tied up last year but never used.  The rest of the day was insane! 

By the end of my session I had landed two in the 8” range, two in the 16” range, and my final fish of the day was probably my biggest brown trout to date. In my head he was close to 24”, but I'm aware that the imagination can round up numbers when one is holding one of the larger fish one has ever caught. 

What really matters to me is the feeling of having something that size take a fly that I created, catching him on a 3 wt. rod and getting to hold him in my hands. I did also have half a dozen LDRs, but honestly those didn’t matter to me at all. All that mattered was that on this day, my luck had changed.


Jon grew up in the country outside of Buffalo, NY and started fishing at an early age with his uncle and cousins on Lake Erie. After moving to North Carolina, he developed a knack for bass fishing. A good friend gave Jon his first fly fishing setup when he moved to Colorado nine years ago and he has been fly fishing ever since. Jon works full time in the digital graphics field and does as much hiking, fly fishing and snowboarding as possible. Jon currently lives in Littleton, CO with his wife Karen and three-year old son Brennon.
Blog content © Jonathan Hill
Blog Comments
alanlf5280, CO   4/12/2012 8:00:26 AM
Love that 5th photo! What an awesome shot.
Browns Hunter, CO   4/12/2012 8:03:18 AM
Magnificent Brown! Shoot! I thought your article about superstitions was going to be another treatise on Bananas!
moosegoose, CO   4/12/2012 7:30:24 PM
coloradonative, CO   4/13/2012 10:54:55 AM
That's a nice surprise!
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