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Troy Coburn
"TC" - Guest Blogger

Izzzz Hot, Darn Hot!!

Guest Blog by: Troy Coburn 7/24/2007
Too hot to go fishin'? DON"T THINK SO!! We are in the throws of the Dog Daze!! Sweatin' like a pig in the middle of a glass covered lake with the temps pushing triple digits does not seem like fun to most people, but I guess I'm not most people. Many folks think the fish go deep and get lock jaw when the heat of the summer drops into our lap, but I have news for you. Fishing can be good, really good if you know how and where to find them. Summer fishing is much like winter fishing. The keys to catching fish during the heat of the day are slow, small and deep. Fishing in Colorado this time of year isn't slow because the fish or water gets hot. It is rare for lake temps in the metro area hit the upper 70's. The reason for the lack of action is simply because the fish are getting pressured and have been for a few months now. They begin to pull away from the bank and seek the security of off shore structure. They see day in and day out the same presentations of spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jigs, worms etc. The approach most experienced anglers take under these conditions is go small, natural and slow. Downsize your lure, stick with natural colors and match your retrieve speed with what you are trying to imitate. Use slower presentations like drop shots, split shot rigs, small weightless worms, small tubes and the like. It can be torture spending hours slowly dragging this stuff along the bottom of the lake on a 98 degree day with no wind, but it just plain works. When the bite gets tough, the guys in the know, know that these painstakingly slow and precise presentations will pay off. TC
Troy Coburn is one of the most avid bass fisherman you'll meet, spending over 100 days a year on the water. Troy is a professional licensed fishing guide whose specialty is fishing for trophy bass, wiper and walleye on Denver metro lakes such as Aurora and Quincy Reservoirs. Troy is a four-time Colorado B.A.S.S. Federation State Team qualifier and two-time Denver Bassmasters Angler of the Year. Troy has appeared on numerous occasions with Charlie Meyers in the Denver Post Outdoors section, is a frequent guest on Terry Wickstromís Mountain States Fishing TV show and AM 950 The Fan Outdoors radio program, and conducts fishing seminars for the International Sportsmenís Exposition and at Bass Pro Shops during their Spring Classic event. Troy is proud to be sponsored by Bass Pro Shops, Daiwa Reels, St Croix Rods, Jewel Bait Company, P Line and Rod Wrap.
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