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Channel cat fishing during the day
The other time to fish
by: Daris McKinnon
Catfishing is often thought of as a night time activity. In truth, anglers can do as well, if not better, fishing during daylight hours. Daris shows us how to get started.
Mapping the West
Creating your own contour maps
by: Dan Swanson
Lake contour maps are often difficult to come by for Western waters and those that exist often have wide contours. Creating your own solves both problems.
Logbooks and Topographic Maps
An angler's approach to better catching
by: Shantro Buck
Logging your fishing outings and tacking them on a topographic map will, with time, greatly improve your ability to find and catch fish more consistently.
Catfish Basics
A guide to catching more catfish
by: Shanto Buck
With Shanto's insights you will better understand how to rig your tackle in order to bring more fish to the net.
The Trip of a Life Time
Fly fishing at Arctic Lodges, Saskatchewan
by: David Coulson
Over our lives if we're fortunate, we'll fish many places and catch numerous fish. And if we're lucky a few of those adventures will fall into the category of being a trip of a lifetime.
Itís Not How Long Your Rod Is Itís How You Use It!
Reasons for selecting a short rod.
by: Jeff Jones
Today, there is a greater selection of rods available to anglers today than ever before. Every company has at least a few dozen, up to dozens of dozens, to choose from. How to pick the right rod for the right applications can be mind boggling. This article discusses the strengths and benefits of short versus long rods.
Post Spawn Bass Fishing Techniques That Work
An Interview with Dave Mauldin
by: Lloyd Tackitt
Dave Mauldin in his interview with Lloyd Tackitt, reveals some of his winning spring bass tactics. Practical approaches all anglers can use to put fish in the livewell.
The Overlooked Realistic Crawfish
An A-plus lure anywhere there are crawfish
by: Joshua Christensen
Crawfish are frequently abundant in bass waters across the country. Joshua shares his tactics on using this oft overlooked lure.
Ice Off in the Rockies
A magical time of year!
by: Robby Richardson
As spring makes her presence known, the days and weeks at and just after ice-off can be truly magical. Robby shows us how to work the magic.
Deep Trolling Options
Techniques for getting crankbaits down deep
by: Dan Swanson
Whether it's a chilly wintery day or a blistering hot summer day, there are times when getting deep is critical to success.
Different Casting Strokes
Want to catch more fish? Work on your casting mechanics.
by: Chad LaChance
Many put a lot of money and effort into their equipment when working on the mechanics of fishing would pay greater dividends. Chad discusses different casting strokes, their application, and suggests ways we can improve this critical skill.
Spin Rippin'
An introduction to the art
by: Danny Barker
Spin Rippin is an approach to catching fish, often big wary fish under less than perfect conditions. Danny shares his insights on how to ripp some lips.
How-To - Carolina Rigging for Black Bass
The first of Dave's series of How-To fishing articles.
by: Dave Mauldin
While Dave has won and placed in many tournaments with Carolina rigs. In this article Dave covers the subject A to Z including his 5 rules of rigging.
Spinney Mountain Madness
Opening Day at a Legendary Reservoir
by: Scott Thompson (NymphManiac)
Opening day at Spinney is both a spectacle and a miracle. In this article Scott goes into both the levity of the event and the fine details of finding fish and rigging flies.
The Cat and Mouse of Bed Fishing
The next time during the spawn you come across largemouth giving you trouble, try this technique
by: Jc Gwynne
All bass fishermen have come across, at one time or another, a big bass guarding the bed, who just wonít take a bait. Jc explains the why and the how of a great bed fishing technique so you can experience greater success.
Walleye Tips and Tactics of a Nightstalker
It's all about the right bait at the right time presented in the right way
by: James Trujillo
Walleye are a favorite among many anglers, and would be the favorite of many others if they werenít so hard to figure out, especially for the shore fisher. James provides insight into how to be consistently successful...
The Line on Lines
Line selection for really successful anglers has morphed beyond a mere detail to a fundamental aspect of fishing
by: Chad LaChance
Line selection for really successful anglers has morphed beyond a mere detail to a fundamental aspect of fishing. Chad discusses the details of a large assortment of lines in this article, as well as their impact on your fishing presentations.
Evolution Two: Getting off the Bank
Part two of becoming a Bass Pro
by: Chad LaChance
In part one of this 3-part series, Chad discussed bank fishing with simple tackle. Moving on up, in part 2 he gets into small boats and more advanced tools and techniques.
Just an Average Fisherman
Run after the dream of becoming more than just an average fisherman
by: Johnny Wimberly (JED)
Longtime FxR member and supporter Johnny "JED" Wimberly takes us through his journey over the past few years in re-discovering fishing and the bonds created on the water.
Chasing Master Anglers
Digging into Master Angler Data
by: David Coulson
The CDOW Master Angler program is a neat way to be rewarded for catching big fish. Dave takes it a step further in this article, presenting data from historic Awards to illustrate interesting and helpful tidbits about Colorado's biggest fish catches.
Evolution of a Bass Angler: Getting Started
The essentials for bassin' big-time
by: Chad LaChance
Whether or not you aspire to become a bass pro, there is a certain process, or evolution of sorts, that takes place once you take up bass fishing...and Chad walks you through it in this first of a three-part series.
Hiring a Fishing Guide
A good guide can make all the difference on new water.
by: Dan Swanson
There are several reasons why hiring a guide can be a good decision for eager anglers. Dan discusses the benefits of doing just that, what to look for, how to tip, and how to make sure you've got everything covered for your guided fishing trip.
Diary of a Professional Walleye Tournament Angler
On the road and water with a Professional Walleye Tournament Angler
by: Dan Swanson
In this article, Dan takes you through the ups and downs of fishing a PWT tournament including actual experiences , pertinent thoughts, mistakes, and everything in between from start to finish.
Crankin' Early Springtime Bass
Try throwing that crankbait this spring - you may be the only one doing it
by: Troy Coburn
Springtime brings people out of the woodwork to shake off their cabin fever. Troy discusses in this article how to present crankbaits to early season bass for success.
Spring Walleye
Pre and post-spawn Colorado walleye fishing
by: Nate Zelinsky
When it comes to walleye in the spring, there are three stages pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn movements. Nate and Stephanie discuss techniques to catch spring walleye in Colorado.
Boyd Reservoir from a Fly Fisher's Perspective
Fly Fishing Boyd Lake
by: David Coulson
If you plan to ever fish Boyd Lake in Loveland, you will not want to miss Dave's in-depth take the lake. Geared from a fly-fishers perspective, the article details 14 hot spots in writing, pinpointed on the map.
Heavy Metal
Late Season Spooning for Big Bass and Walleye
by: Troy Coburn
Troy explains why there is no bait that matches the jigging spoon's variety and success, describing various techniques and lures he uses to hook late season walleye and bass. The systems he utilizes will catch almost anything that swims and best of all, itís cheap.
Things that go Thump in the Night
Fishing shorelines at night for Big Brown Trout
by: Bernie Keefe
Patience and a headlamp can boost your chances of landing a big brown this fall. Bernie Keefe describes his stealthy, shallow, and patient techniques for fall brown trout fishing at night.
Fall Walleyes: All Your Questions Answered
Building a pattern is critical this time of year.
by: Nate Zelinsky
With an abundance of food available to these predators in the fall, Nate and Stephanie describe the techniques and rigs they use to fool late season walleye. Crawler harnesses, cranks, spoons, and jigging spoons are all on the menu for mid-August through December.
Tactical Topwaters
Catching bass where the water meets the wind
by: Chad LaChance
Finally a no-nonsense guide to fishing for bass on the surface spring, summer, and fall. Chad discusses what to consider when choosing a topwater bait, and how and where to fish them.
Full Moon Open 2007
All-night tourney lands dozens of boats, big fish and red eyes
by: Matt Snider
Centennial Bass Club's Full Moon Open held at Horsetooth Reservoir is one of the most anticipated events of the season. Under moonlight, competitors battle the sleepless conditions to bring in the largest 5 bass they can find.
Walleye Techniques
A jig is probably the simplest, deadliest technique in fishing...
by: Nate Zelinsky
Nate and Stephanie discuss specific techniques and equipment to make the most of jigging for summer walleyes.
Tricks of Trolling
Expand your reach and control your presentation
by: Nate Zelinsky
It is critical to be able to present any bait properly in any situation to catch mature fish. Nate and Stephanie Zelinsky discuss some of the trolling tricks up their sleeve to do so.
Angling Knowledge
Knowledge combined with experience helps decipher lakes and the fish in them
by: Chad LaChance
Whether you're an old pro or a beginner, knowing which knowledge to soak up and how to apply it will play a large role in your success. The road to enlightenment is paved with common knowledge, navigated with local knowledge, and traveled with application.
Fall Tiger Hunting in Colorado
Humility may be more important than patience in this sport.
by: Matt Snider
If pounding the water for eleven days with relentless casting only taking breaks to wolf down a PBJ and only to watch your lure come to the boat with nothing behind it nor on it sounds like fun to you, then you are a prime candidate for Colorado muskie hunting...
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