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Ice Fishing Research - Mapping
My new toy, the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+, is helping me this fall to do some mapping research from shore before ice fishing in my area gets going. (11.06.18)
River Levels
If you fish rivers, or kayak, or canoe them, you may know about the USGS river gauges. They are scattered up and down the navigable rivers, and you can see their information on the internet in real time. (10.31.18)
New Episode: CarpQuest S6E7- Carp Fishing at Night
An overnight carp fishing session at Chatfield Reservoir resulted in many common and mirror carp for me including a great mid-20s mirror just after midnight. James caught consistently throughout the night with some good fish banked. (10.20.18)
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Recent Conditions Reports
East Delaney by: James Woods
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Pictured: Matt Snider, JOHN FINNEY, Scott Brands, Tom McInerney, Jim McFarland, Eric Allee, David Coulson, John Stevens, Ronny Cast, Dan SwansonView a full listing of Colorado writers...
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Fall Tiger Hunting in Colorado
by Matt Snider
If pounding the water for eleven days with relentless casting only taking breaks to wolf down a PBJ and only to watch your lure come to the boat with nothing behind it nor on it sounds like fun to you, then you are a prime candidate for Colorado muskie hunting...
by ass bass or cash - by pikeNcolorado - Where the big T inlet meets the lake. Notice the large tree to the left that had hundreds of lines snagged on it.  This would usually be 4` under pikeNcolorado - Looking East from the inletby Neyet Stalker - by xavierk31 - by xavierk31 - by xavierk31 - by xavierk31 - by xavierk31 - by xavierk31 - by bron - by bron - by bron - by bron - by ShoreAngler17 - by ShoreAngler17 -
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