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This hole is beautiful, it is in a spot where the river narrows considerably so the current picks up to quite a pace. Crystal clear water, gravel bottom, trees overhanging it. Maybe 150 feet long and 30 feet wide. (Monday)
Wading birds in the Brazos are legion, in both species, and in numbers. They will wade around the edges of the rock shelf, eyeing the water with that soul-less un-blinking gaze of their saucer shaped eyes, neck muscles tense, virtually coiled. (08.01.18)
New Episode: CarpQuest S6E4 - BIG common carp at Chatfield Resevoir
In our latest Episode of CarpQuest, crazy hot weather and carp fishing action on Memorial Day weekend at Chatfield Reservoir. I pushed the scales close to 30 lb's a couple of times with some mighty Colorado common carp. (07.30.18)
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Lagerman Reservoir by: jshanko
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