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FishExplorer is an angler-owned, angler-managed, angler-produced project with a perpetual goal to offer the best, most thorough, and most up-to-date fishing resource in the state under one roof. Not limited by a specific species or fishing technique, we are all about fishing for the love of fishing. FishExplorer is the place to share that. You can help by:
New fishing lines and old anglers
Consider this a tutorial on new fishing lines for old Colorado dogs, and anyone else who needs to learn new tricks. (Warning: Anyone with a heavy investment in heavy equipment may disagree with what follows.) (05.26.19)
Unconfirmed Rumors?
Tomorrow we would hike down off the mountain and continue further into the wilderness to try our luck for Rainbows at a secret beaver pond complex. Our mission was to see what was there – to check it out, to confirm or debunk the rumors. (05.26.19)
She Almost Left Me
My dog loves fishing. My wife does too but she's a bit too busy to go as much as she'd like, so the dog goes with me more often. Today I fished and almost lost her... (05.17.19)
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Gunnison River (Black Canyon) by: MAC ATTACK
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An Early Spring Recipe for Walleye Success in and Out of the Kitchen
by Ronny Cast
Ronny provides a recipe to use a few of the spring walleyes caught using the techniques presented in part one of this two part series, double recipes for success.
by luresforall - Caz landed his frist Lake Troutby tazdozcat - by tazdozcat - by fargingicehole - by luresforall - by MileHighMike - by MileHighMike - by MileHighMike - by luresforall - 38" 31.6 lbsby Ismiledonce - Met this kid fishing the inlet at Boyd. Showed him a couple of tricks and he took off. This one is 17”.by bron - by bron - by bron - by bron - by DannyGreene - LMB on black and gold Super Spook JohnnyW -
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