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Happy Spring Y'all
Boat registration? Check. Trailer registration? Check. 2019 fishing license? Check. The spring equinox is here, and the weather on the Front Range is showing it. Time to make sure the ducks are all in a row for open water fishing season (Wednesday)
Ready For Carp (guest blog)
Fly fishing for Carp is a blast! Whether you're targeting Common Carp, Grass Carp, or Mirror Carp - these fish are sure to test your fly fishing skills. (03.18.19)
Is This Colorado's Toughest Angler?
Now and then members of the Loveland Fishing Club update ourselves on “Who is the Club’s toughest angler?” It amounts to a review of questionable behavior requiring the ability to ignore complaints of spouse, body and common sense... (03.14.19)
Ode to the Bunny Leech 03.11.19 by McConnell
TodaySt. Vrain Lakes 03.26.19 (4 replies)
TodayBoat speed? 03.26.19 (12 replies)
TodayChatfield outlet 03.26.19 (3 replies)
NewLittle Ladies First Fish. 03.25.19 (7 replies)
RecentBeginning to the end 03.25.19 (12 replies)
Looking for a boat 03.24.19 (58 replies)
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Chatfield Reservoir by: GrabBass
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Matt Snider Bill Prater Jim McFarland Bernie Keefe Cisco Archuleta David Coulson Scott Brands JOHN FINNEY Eric Allee John Stevens
Pictured: Matt Snider, Bill Prater, Jim McFarland, Bernie Keefe, Cisco Archuleta, David Coulson, Scott Brands, JOHN FINNEY, Eric Allee, John StevensView a full listing of Colorado writers...
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Ice Off in the Rockies - A magical time of year!
by Robby Richardson
As spring makes her presence known, the days and weeks at and just after ice-off can be truly magical. Robby shows us how to work the magic.
by TADA32 - by robotrout - The two i caught sundayby CoCarpFishing - by yard dogs - by Pikentrout - About a mile above Texas Creek..great stretchby Pikentrout - About a mile above Texas Creekby Pikentrout - About a mile above Texas Creekby Pikentrout - Aug 8 2018 Trolling for pike. West side of the navacito - by bron - by bron - by Wattzz - by Wattzz - by Wattzz - by RPG - Boat Rampby AM Fisherman -
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