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CarpQuest Season 7 - Episode 6 - Spring at the Fairgrounds, Multiple 20s
With winter rapidly approaching it's time to set ablaze some logs on the fire, put up your feet and watch our latest episode of CarpQuest filmed in Spring this year. (Friday)
Fall Fly Fishing the Poudre
A quick rundown on my approach to late-summer and fall fly fishing the Poudre River. Don't stay in one spot too long, and don't get too carried away with fly patterns unless the fish are acting like they're keyed in on a late summer hatch. (10.04.19)
Gorgeousness in Colorado
This is the season for Colorado gorgeousness - the fish and their surroundings are beautiful. This blog intended for those not getting out fishing right now. Put away the work tools and take some time to get out before it gets really cold. (10.01.19)
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Williams Fork River by: walleye93
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Pictured: JOHN FINNEY, Matt Snider, Bill Prater, Bernie Keefe, Scott Brands, Mike McConnell, Tom McInerney, Jim McFarland, Cisco Archuleta, David CoulsonView a full listing of Colorado writers...
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An Early Spring Recipe for Walleye Success in and Out of the Kitchen
by Ronny Cast
Ronny provides a recipe to use a few of the spring walleyes caught using the techniques presented in part one of this two part series, double recipes for success.
by Banzai Jimmy - 10/13/2019 partly fargingicehole - AWB in the backgroundby fargingicehole - by fargingicehole - Great day with AWB and Kev-Oby fargingicehole - by fargingicehole - by fargingicehole - Kev-Oby Banzai Jimmy - by Hops - West Lake cold sore type wounds on every fish caught 10/13/19by Hops - West Lake cold sore type wounds on every fish caught 10/13/19by bron - by bron - by Banzai Jimmy - by Banzai Jimmy - by Banzai Jimmy - by Banzai Jimmy -
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