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FishExplorer is an angler-owned, angler-managed, angler-produced project with a perpetual goal to offer the best, most thorough, and most up-to-date fishing resource in the state under one roof. Not limited by a specific species or fishing technique, we are all about fishing for the love of fishing. FishExplorer is the place to share that. You can help by:
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Cache La Poudre River (Upper Canyon) by: On A Fly
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by Banzai Jimmy - by Banzai Jimmy - by Kev-o - by Banzai Jimmy - by Banzai Jimmy - by Banzai Jimmy - by Banzai Jimmy - A view of both lakes partial of upper and all of Banzai Jimmy - Lower lake. Just a sliver of the southern shore is clear of Banzai Jimmy - Upper lake mostly still frozen. Only a portion of the southern end is bron - by xavierk31 - by xavierk31 - by xavierk31 - by KayakerFishfinder - by Nickbihm1 - 2nd 35 in. Muskie in 3 weeks. Trolling with Jointed Berkley Rainbow Troutby bron -
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