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TodayCarpQuest Season 7 - Episode 8 Released - Carp Fishing at Chatfield Reservoir
Facing jet'skiers, boaters and wake boarders the carp were clearly on the feed and not bothered by the chaos taking place above. My brother Peter, over from the UK for some wildlife photography, was finally able capture an Osprey on his camera. (Saturday)
Moon Myths?
Does the moon really affect fishing? In this blog we look at three hypotheses to determine if the moon is as big of a factor in our fishing as we all thought. (01.14.20)
FishExplorer Winter Giveaway Winners
The winners of the FishExplorer Winter Giveaway have been picked, emails are being sent to winners, and I will list the winners here in this blog in case you miss the email. (01.10.20)
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Antero Reservoir by: knite81321
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JOHN FINNEY Scott Brands Matt Snider Cisco Archuleta Bill Prater Jim McFarland Bernie Keefe Mike McConnell Tom McInerney David Coulson
Pictured: JOHN FINNEY, Scott Brands, Matt Snider, Cisco Archuleta, Bill Prater, Jim McFarland, Bernie Keefe, Mike McConnell, Tom McInerney, David CoulsonView a full listing of Colorado writers...
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Ice Off in the Rockies - A magical time of year!
by Robby Richardson
As spring makes her presence known, the days and weeks at and just after ice-off can be truly magical. Robby shows us how to work the magic.
by bron - by bron - by rodmans - by rodmans - by S13brytt - by BO55429 - by TrackerV16 - Had some luck last weekend with a small jog and medium shiner from discount total 3 trout and 4 walleye...just to the right of the swim beach on about 3" of ice....jigs were orange and yellow...hopefully it freezes back up a little moreby riper69 - by michaelpthompson - 1/7/2020by michaelpthompson - 1/7/2020by michaelpthompson - 1/7/2020by MatthewSutton - by nickoli - by fishrmurri - by bron - by handyleckman -
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