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Truckee River

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Common Insects
Ant, Brown Caddis, Grasshopper, Mayfly, Midge, Stonefly
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Gage Notes: PDT
This map is not intended to be used to determine property ownership nor public fishing access. Consult official maps and appropriate resources for detailed access information.
Member Photos:
by LaRue - Nice Truckee brown following release.
The days where the monsters once swam these waters are long gone, however there are still browns and rainbows that can top 20 pounds. With around 3,500 fish per mile in this river some would think that their chances of catching one of these behemoths would be pretty good, guess again, these monsters are crafty and hard to fool. Although with good ...

Getting There:

From Truckee, California you can access the Truckee River from HWY 80, and HWY 89. From Truckee, head west to the 89 and go south. From the 80, travel east and the river will at times be beneath you.
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